And I got Up and I kept going

Sat, 05/11/2013 - 17:28 -- BecKa

The line to the finish was so very near
When a sound went off so I could barely hear
I fell down - I felt the pain
We have been bombed - I cry as I lay
I see the other runners turn around to help me back up
The smoke fills the air, the screams start to pour out
Another shaking bomb goes off down the street
We are torn apart in the panic that occurs - the race so sweet
Thousands of people will never be the same
But this is Beantown - we won't lay down where we lay
So I tell myself I have to finish this fight
I get myself up and I run with all of my might
Then I go and help people get to the hospital with care
Thousands of people - I can't help but stare
Thousands of injuries - 3 are dead
It is like getting a kick to the head
I got lucky - I live for one more day
This is Boston - you can't hide from us
This is Boston we are strong
And when we get to sing our anthem - we sing along
The game we didn't win but won
Two teams united in just one song
So Boston now it's time to recover
And we will
What did I do when terrorists tried to keep me down ?
I got up and I kept going - you came to the wrong town


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