The Graveyard Run.



There I am.

Rain pouring.

Dusk is upon the horizon.

Standing still, breathing. Just Breathing.

I look up at the Marble Statue of Christ.

His hands are open, as if reaching out to help someone up. Solid, Immovable.

The plaque beneath reads “Let Christ lead you into Eternity.”

I stretch.

I see my breath vaporize into Steam and wonder where it goes.

Air, I breathe in and out has circled the globe.

I look at Christ again. Pale light embraces the statue.

Maybe i have breathed the same air as you.

I finish stretching. grasp the frigid marble hand. Breathe again and I’m off.

The light slides behind the hill as I make my way down into the unending desert.

Christ remains. Solid, Immovable. Watching over the Graveyard.

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