Who I Am


The air is perfect temperature 

it is not hot enough for me to feel like I’m boiling-

but it is not so cold where I feel like I am actually freezing.

The ground is spotty-

the recent snowfall has left much 

muddy, dirty, wet, sloppy

while the others are

dry, arid, comfortable, fast. 

I can look down and see my engine

my legs that power me through 

step after step after step

mile after mile after mile 

a hard week has left each step

heavy, sore, hard, painful

while the others are 

joyful, light, bouncy, fun. 

The sloppy trail and heavy legs 

The dry trail and joyful legs

They are both me.

Everyday is not perfect-

Everyday is not horrible 

Some are in-between.

For me

Running is both.

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