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                                                         When in love, in deep love We know or at least are aware of Each other’s sunset and sunrise About the rain
The third and last poem in my final project assigned under the ELA 12 poetry unit. Dated 10/22/2019  
The vividness of the moon illuminates  As the night ages The stars, they too shine oh so greatly A dance of twinkling they’ll engage in  
This screen is a window to a world of friends getting together, of people finding love, of people achieving success, with little to no effort.   I look at all the people presented to me
I'm reminiscing being back in Mexico sitting on a beach, I was Alone. The most at peace I have ever been, Alone. Coolin’, Not stressing myself over troubles that been handed to me or those self-inflicted, Alone.
A day out of 366 Stars spun around and spanned  My words spiced with salts of a hysterics The loneliness of which is damned But joy I keep, is even   And when I sip, the life goes on
I lay in the solace of my soul, Alone and desolate, The wound is as deep as the ocean, tomorrow is as black as coal.
just add water.   i like to think of myself as one of the most unbothersome children out there. i wonder what you would be like if you spent a day in my shoots. wouldn't that be funny? if you grew like me?
Nobody will save you Your friends are miles away Your family is busy again Your mentors don't exist Not gonna lie, this is shit
This place is always a little lonely At the noise and life; I like solitude, But not in places Where there’s recently been A lot of people.            Reclusiveness protects you
Can it be explained? Or must it be felt? In simple words, polluted by frequent emptiness, Can the darkness be described? Should it?   The longer it stays caged within the walls of my mind, 
Like the fading wick of a burning candle,  Whose flame withers with every breeze You crave the dark peace that accompanies  Solitude Rather than give authority of your fate over to time alone,
I dream’t you on the pillow beside me lips silent, only our eyes speaking. Hands clasped, imaginations free. As the night continued aging Our souls grew more unruly Till our love did bend its wing.
Below my house, a blissful river trips and falls. Though faint, I hear its whispers and its calls. Oh the fool I am, succumbing to it”s spell I Rush to the water so this desire will dispel.  
There’s a billion stars in the sky And only one moon. It’s a gift to be alone, But a price for solitude.  
PowerrewoP © thb    01/09/2019 17:08:52 wednesday   P O W E R shimmers wind
If only people could understand me, And know how I want to live. Trust me, there would be a real smile on my face, Rather than slightly curvy lips.
Spiritual solitude When your life becomes a new When truth becomes your view When you shed the pain and hurt you have been through Now like a butterfly finally leaving its cocoon
Such darkness there You find yourself in solitude Who are you to disrespect your mother? And be so impolite and rude Your demeanor must change If you are going to get somewhere in life
The Wind Whispers   The wind whispers in our ears....A song to be heard The wind whispers in our ears…A story to be said As we stand in the green lush meadows The sounds come to our heads note by note
Through the time I traverse, moment to moment, memory to memory. The riches on the way, I always grab a fistful. One by one they slip away as it is in their nature. Little remorse is felt since they are but ephemeral.
Life is indiscriminatory, one attribute is shared amongst all, the feeling to pursue happiness. Many distractions await on the voyage through life;
i was 17 the last i spoke with my father. he came home that tuesday night smelling toxic, with the world giving away beneath his feet. bloodshot pinball eyes, carrying 1000 unconfessed sins and
meeting him as a kid, cold and indifferent, but mostly confused and scared, i took him under my wing: isaac.   dull dead eyes, gray skin dotted with red sores,
the road of failure is painted in the color of hope and leads to the jagged cliff where my dreams jumped.   the road back home is brightly lit and leads to a state of
Stop what you are doing and make believe this thought: Pretend you are alone & safe on a Himalayan mountain Meditate & somehow find yourself sitting there in a warm room.   At peace & willing -
simply suffer in silence  as solitude seeks me out  my mind is full of violence  but against these thoughts i shout  falling deep in day dreams  i find the pain there doesn't count  your fine, 
when everything becomes too much my brain is filled to the brim with stress anxiety and such I'm drowning, help me swim I need to isolate myself, my fortress of solitude
The traveler stopped for restthe sky a silver hue,the sun setting in the westthe waters, a dark blue.
A crisp fall morning. Waking up just before the sun rises. Watching the steam of a freshly brewed cup of coffee billow through the air. The scent of a freshly lit candle fills your lungs, seeing it's flicker from afar.
In the biting cold I walk, Barefoot and in tattered attire, My dirty pants, ripped at the knees, Folded at the waist and tied to my body By an old and dirty rope coming apart, This is me, this is morning,
She pens her whispers into hushed handwriting. shouts her fears, thoughts, angers into the cold clean air.   slinks through every inhalation that passes,
Music is powerful.   With it, nothing cannot be achieved.  Even when trapped on a  deserted island, an iPod full of music can become a vehicle for the mind's eye.
a discussion with a friend about Extroversion and Introversion  led to this: you're spending the Rest of your life on an island. if you had the choice between living in Solitude
I struggle through that crowd That marches through the day; It’s rambunctious and loud— A chaotic parade.  
Come away with me to a far away land where we'll stroll on the water and wade through the sand, And together we'll rest in sweet company yourself and I, I all alone since you're me,
I wish it all to stop, I am tired of these tears, these aches Pressed into me and stamped on my back. I am searching for sunshine And for these tears to relax. Relax in the sun or in the shade.
A heart can be corrupted, Suffocating under the malicious hand of darkness, Its armor chipped away piece by piece By the thoughts that torment our souls,
Mr. Bully Do you know how I feel? I wake up in the morning, and my mother hugs me tightly
    ...Listen    It is when immersed in a moment of silence    that all the universe breaks forth in song    and I a recipient    simply sit in awe    of the wondrous symphonic orchestrations
    The rustic life, pastoral scenes,    the basis of idyllic dreams    the simple ways of nature come,    its harmony in total sum.    These country settings, warm and real,
We spend endless nights wandering around for a simple answer nowhere to be found. We scream and yell, cry and swear that love is all we need but it is never what we receive.
I've been breaking hearts for far too long
What we are
It is futile to cling to something so fictitious. The world fades away. White.
A long swing hangs low,
Quiet is the observer Motionless in kaleidoscopic torment. I thought until thought was meaningless. “Grab the pen! Grab it, you coward!” A ceaseless voice streams Through an intravenous drip.
Darkness creeps in from every corner. Gnawing into your soul. Fear of the world around you,
Sorrow written with the tears tracing your skin, Desperately shedding the agony left unspoken. Sorrow that slowly consumes you from within, Greedily slicing apart the heart that once dreamt.   
I feel. Unspoken words I feel a wrath beyond my state   Whether to a walk with or without I can't let go. I can't do so The dark throughout the void
(White hon
Numbing and naked,   Beguiled by the sullen sea.   Tidal your waves relentlessly   And pour down on me,   Your misery.  
I close my eyes and imagine flight.
A love is something that should cause no tears I had my share of hopeless sighs and yet I'm free of care without a cause to fear
Strength is now only a word Mock me again I know now that love is lost  Dreams are ashes in the air All that is beauty inside is no longer It is now a rugged mountain  Of no hope
Sometimes I feel loneliness in my soul, loneliness that even with people around me it can’t be removed A loneliness that I have since December Not even with the funniest joke will this great solitude purge.
How does one get away from this bottom less pit, of what we call "life" In the distance, there is a house A house that is vacant, and beautifully covered with   Solitude.  
i do not like to feel the emotions take over leaving me broken and vulnerable it's hard to deal feeling hopeless feeling alone that's why i've cornere myself off in this fortress
Sweet mother, Sweet mother, do not forever flee from me, I long for you tonight in the black flowing sea. Please brother, Please brother, do not stow away from them,
These are the heart-shaped scars my lovers leave.
Empty, solitary, realxed, and let go. The inner floosy of my heart is free to close her eyes and rest. I usually see one other joining my personal solitary confine. Not today though;
The sound shut out from a crowded room Hearing one note after another, clear and smooth Calm, Serene Only when that noise enters From the crowds of people Laughter, Chatter Do I feel completely alone
Oh there is a bliss in solitude There is beauty in peace And content in silence No more wanting,  not needing but having  and loving
The more I think, the more I wish I, pushed stop then hit rewind. I wish things would just go back to the way they were, I was indeed happier and felt your smile next to mine.
I roam from here to thereremaining discontent.My heart won't call this place a home,It must stay unattached.Everything is so unreal,I know it won't be long.Slowly I will drift away,
I came here alone, others are apparitions. Strangers to mother's. Opponents to father's. Siblings are apparitions. Friends are apparitions. Lovers are apparitions.
  When cold, they slowly spread Icy, sleepy, dead. When hot, it all moves so quick Bright, fiery, slick They say particles move by heat Is that not deep?   Do I move because I am deep?
Her eyes were blue like the ocean. The salty waves form and roll on shore, her cheek. The continue to flow until they drown her. Her eyes, the sea, a door.
Can I be understood I wonder I am so awfully unique The good and bad of it is so plain My voice makes no thunder My view is too terribly bleak My reality too much to blame On something so horribly cheap
I saw a million people Standing on a hill, Under the grey and square sky. When I went to ask them, What they were doing, They remained silent.  
Seeking validation Like a penny on the street How many pounds of complacency before We forget to eat Walking through this Void of regression   We are blind to The subtle conversations
  the forgetfulness of tomorrow around come the stars heaven’s forgotten in a launch past mars   whoever foretold the fortune of the future was sure of the truth only to be fooled
"I'm so lonely. I'm Mr. Lonely. I have nobody..." these words ring true in my ears from that shitty song so popular a lifetime ago. But back then I didn't listen and couldn't empathize. I had a friend and
Sitting in an empty room with nothing but me Enclosed by four walls that stare at me With no mercy or sympathy they stare With menacing eyes they stare  
As I sit on the cool beach sand, my toes greet the brisk lake water. I close my eyes while I breathe in the crisp, clean, morning air, as I search for the light through the thick early fog. I can hear the loving call of a loon to its mate.
I remember once, on a kayakpaddling down a river:my movements were the only ripples. Far from the white waterseven the trees are silent,and the fish stay deep.
Running deep The Still Trapped down to nil Break out, refrain to scream and shout Fuscoferuginous rhythm weeps Agnate to sheep, in sleep Coveting not to keep the meek Unable to leace and miss
From out that doorway I detect the smell of home, or rather, that-which-would-be-home, if I had made it my home.
I do exist in the depths of solitude And in the depths of fear. I see and experience the clashing of two conflicting souls. These two sides are equal and opposite, constantly pushing against each other.
Loneliness is a silent killer. It lingers in the darkness, Amidst shadows of remorse. Under feelings of joy, Behind eyes of sorrow. Between fingers upon wrist, Spilling through steel and flesh.
It’s just an empty room, crowded, with people. Their mouths move, but nothing comes out. A finger points furiously there. A hand waves even further away. A foot stomps vigorously somewhere.
A stressful room inside a restless house I sit with noise, never sleeping I walk through the room scattered with paper Each piece resembling trash littered upon the pavement
"Maybe today will be different," I think "Maybe things will change," I hope "Maybe something good will happen," I pray "Maybe today is the day it will all turn around." Convincing is hard to do
If I’d rather watch Will I ever rather roam? If I’d rather dwell on futures Will there ever be just one? If I never talk about it Will they leave me here alone? If I never Is rather a choice?
Waging war on a futile society Where we still discover The same things repetitively Reducing our knowledge to none As we take on a lifestyle based upon A culture of solitude Where all one needs is oneself
My name is subject to change; I stray among the others, freezing in their shadows. This beating; the beating of my heart. Pulsating with courage. These trembling hands, they'll be the hands of a hero.
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