The Beginning


As I sit on the cool beach sand, my toes greet the brisk lake water. I close my eyes while I breathe in the crisp, clean, morning air, as I search for the light through the thick early fog. I can hear the loving call of a loon to its mate. The sound echoes around the lake, breaking the sound barrier of the fog. Not a branch is moving; not a voice is heard. Relaxed and content, I reopen my eyes and bury my toes deep in the sand. It is a refreshing moment. The lake water is a mirror, the moon a sliver in the sky. My thoughts are calm and relaxed. My mind momentarily went back to the city: the noise, the crime, and the filth. I wonder if the whole world appreciated the solitude like I did, would there be hatred and crime in the world? If people enjoyed the simple things in life, would there be greed and hunger? I don’t get to see the beautiful, small moment very often, but when I do, it will be worth the wait. Just as I think my clock was mistaken, the fog lifted, as the moment came close. Three, two, one. The fog has risen and the day has begun.



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