I feel. Unspoken words
I feel a wrath beyond my state
Whether to a walk with or without
I can't let go. I can't do so
The dark throughout the void
Await in progression for there's nothing to avoid  
Obscurity of the woods
I was soon lost
Pitch black but nothing evermore to bear
Terror running through my wickedness of my veins
Settling down slow and ever before
My heart raised to where sudden sounds emerged
 They've been dead for long for what stood a memory
The look on their faces 
Yet yesterday seem so close 
Thousands I hear for it's either critters or souls moaning 
Trees stand dead silent
As there's little or not much to see
Eyes though, follow me
For where I go, I can't say much 
My breath, cold as the. Burning sun
Ever I can say to....
Rites to passage for an upcoming dimness to 
Storms reach near end and terror begins forming 
Fall beneath, hope thou wherever they are
Love and long where I can be bewildered by the stars
I can't bare for what's to come
I can't bare for when I can find the shear light 
Through I walk "the road not yet taken"
I know I can soon know there's something 
There's something 
There's something where I may lie
I may see it all again
To fail beyond of my existence
Tomorrow seems so close where just a gleaming little fire of light dazzled my view. 


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