The Calling


Seeking validation

Like a penny on the street

How many pounds of complacency before

We forget to eat

Walking through this

Void of regression


We are blind to

The subtle conversations


Stars and celestial beings


Vast oceans and streams

But I have walked with the sun

As he strides across the desert

Greeted the wind as she blusters

About the leaves and shady pools

Heard the whispered calling


As have the daydreamers

Eyes half shut in dreary school

A sweetly sung song of allure

So faint it appears a delusion

As I walk down the cracked

Weather beaten concrete paths

Leading me to another, barren edifice

Of stone or metal or perhaps brick


I can feel the surging breath of life

Radiating from beneath my feet,

Pouring swirling across all boundaries

Demanding to be acknowledged

Pleading for contact with the soul

Those are the tendrils of long forgotten


Lying deep below my soles


I stop, pausing

Trying to taste the elation

Of the breeze

I stop to breathe deeply

For times like these are rare


A simple pleasure

A faint brush of her hair

A dazzling smile

A pile of sand beneath my toes

I think I’ll stop and stay awhile


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