When the Succulent Speaks

just add water.


i like to think of myself as one of the most unbothersome children out there.

i wonder what you would be like if you spent a day in my shoots.

wouldn't that be funny?

if you grew like me?


well for one, you'd be softer than you appear.

sort of a velvety feel.

the other flowers living in that glass box would understand

if they would just get over the fear of getting to know you.


they keep looking and looking and

inching closer with one root and stepping back

with another, but, hm, i don't think they know yet

that they can choose to shatter the glass box around them.

the box that's shutting them out.


oh, and i suppose if you were me for a day,

you'd see that life isn't as difficult as it seems.

you would just be.


now, don't think that doesn't mean that i don't do, no-

don't make the mistake of thinking my unbothersome

nature means i won't shrivel up and die from neglect.

you cannot ignore the little (or Big) things and hope

that they'll bloom in your absence.


and since i have the floor,

i'd like to bring up something more:

you always seem to plant us in solittude,

as if we don't want to hold hands with our 

neighbors but would rather enjoy the loneliness.

this is simply not true.


just like it is untrue that i don't seem to do anything

for you through your framed lenses,

but it is the science behind what i do that

details my importance.

it's what you can't see that makes me so necessary.


it's in my soil.

it's in my leaves.

it's in my organelles.


so hey, if you could be me for a day,

i'd say reach for greater heights,

but don't leave your foundational soil to dry up

beneath you.

otherwise you'll lose your footing.


being me isn't that difficult you know.

i don't require much.

just add water.



"For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is

Jesus Christ." - 1 Corinthians 3:11 (NIV)

Stay rooted in your soil, Little One.


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