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The boy next door has scars that he hides. He goes to school sad and teary-eyed. His father beats him with a leather strap. I feel so sorry for the little chap.  
Running away from the fear of the shadow Running away from the face of death. Losing myself to the fate of the helpless Losing myself to this fate that I've met.  Keeping my way on the path that I've set. Pausing only to make sure I didn't forget 
I wake upI feel in my bones it’s not the right timeIt’s been 15 hours since I fell asleepI close my eyes I wake upMy body aches and my hands are icyIt’s been 7 hours since I fell asleepI sit up
brightly-lit room filled with gloomcrowded yet a soul deserteddistance so close seems spaciousmust walk away  shut what is left ajarwalk away to feel a thing
"it is imperative that we, modern-beings, remember the mythicalities from long ago,  from the demi-Gods to the creatures with those halos" reflecting with some friends regarding these old fables
I don't know why I struggle to write about the good things Why does intensity only live in the darkness - the pain and depression? Why is the grey of night so much more powerful than the color of day?
Every morning, I wake up wishing, I was as tough as I pretend to be, Wash my face, forget my name, repeat; I wish I was stronger than a man.  
Disclaimer: This isn't a poem, nor is it a statement. It's a rant, tout court.  Let Us Be
Blank faces on bodies with no control They walk by without one glance Bodies without a soul Anywhere you turn, bodies keep going by The response that you seek will only just be lies
In a room, a white room; there was a man, an odd man.   This odd man was not like men. He was different-
  Imagine a world wherein no one had philosophy.  Imagine this world as a bigger world  with more people who were mirror images of their neighbors.  Imagine these images every day  were shattered upon rocks 
I face the stream of water, feeling freshwater mix with salt; I can feel my life washing away under the pressure of life, piece by piece, yet I can't seem to care- even when it costs me too dearly,
I suppose the only truth i have found, Is that nobody is in control of anything. But a lot of people are good at pretending. We choke the life out of our children. We say things like, "you need an education"
Oh lord, Shatter my heart through The barbed wire fence That embodies my logic And philosophy. Let my heart be an open wound, Let it feel the laceration That is the result of your truths.
It has started, the final battle. This struggle of emotions, that slowly takes over   Everything comes to  halt, a stand still, a dead puls, all the struggle   But it should not hurt this much.
I am a wall. No matter how hard you try you can not break through this wall.   My emotions are cinder blocks
Today in America, the beautiful They report body counts like weather reports,
When I was young I laid Among leaves and waves of jade Calmly passing time in the shade Under the placid sky all day   Then the wind swept away All the memories that I made
my consciousness sputters like a dying engine the pulsations of my brain slowing, shaking (muscles too slug-like to function)   beat, rest, beat, rest
Do you know how to put feeling back into me into the tips of my fingers the ends of my hair the heels of my feet? Do you know how to put me back together my bones my blood my skin?
It’s all so cold lost and lonely, veiled by frost- be quiet, I’m told never speak up, no cost never any loss-
There were dolphins on the ceiling, their grey bodies in greenish waters, dancing through shadows cast by artificial moonlight  
It's gone It's past It won't come back It's dead It's faded There's a crack In what once was But now isn't Anymore It was open But now The door Is closed
Ever so still Breathing slowly In and out But nothing  At all Seems to come From your heart Icy frozen Deep inside Nothing breaks The hard shell Inside is air
She's drowning It's heavy Weighing her down Realizing Long ago That she can't  Swim Feeling weightless But the bad kind That makes you Feel like a shadow Like air
Nothing stands out Numbness takes over Robotic movements Apathy bleeds in And emotions Fade away Muted and dim Somewhere In the background While a being With no face
Falling asleep Needing to leave Everything so dull And boring And gray Clocks ticking slowly Closer and closer Stopping not once  Nor twice Perhaps never
King Arthur   I use to imagine being a warrior whose being was entirely engulfed. With a silver knights’ suit like King Arthur,
Once Upon a Time, A Princess lived in a Tower She was Taught by her parents A Prince would rescue her someday Being an Obedient Princess, she waited and waited and waited Until One Day
Moments   There must have been one point in your life when you were secure, when your view of the world was unworn and pure, not filled with cruelty and utter despair.
  Pull heartstrings while you pull Hamstrings, Make me feel your presence in it's entirety.   Lungs aren't full enough for you to linger this long, but I don't care if you don't, and
  I am every bit as pathetic as the paper in my mouth.   The paper that will very soon become a topic of discussion among my friends;      Wondering why my hands now smell like anxiety,
You told me I made you feel the way I feel when I draw circles under my tongue,                                     but I'm not very good with new concepts.Driving the nails into the coffin of my inhibitions,
I am not a number. I am not another data point in a meaningless statistic. I am a human, flesh and blood; With a spirit like a lion And a hopeless wanderer’s heart.
Over the mountains Across the seas Through the tunnels Under the trees The wind blows here   All over the world The voice is heard The wind whispers “Caution, Danger is near”
Sitting in shipless sea you wade and wait for me. You wish I'd get in but I wouldn't risk the tragedy of a storm, to bear us back to a foreign shore. Alone, together, with no hope for another.
 I remember altogether underneath the weather, hopes, dreams shining like sun beams.  you know what it means I don’t and it seems So filled with passion and the will for action we thought for sure that you would have some traction.
My eyes keep burning from what seems like one hundred hours of staring into a dry wind. That wind seems determined to send my retinas into a drought. It hurts to close them.
Between us, like invisible shields--the lies that feel palpable ,the nightmares we hid behind our teeth,the colorless hours in vain; and the higher we go the lower we become.
When you're bored, You intentionally decide that everything's a chore You whore out your vitality to inanity, eventually causing insanity Your vanity? Give up- it vanished into apathy  
Radiance, torridity and stars exploding on the inside of your eyelids.  Symphonies of light and sound, and hell with it’s unwithstandable blazing. 
We are the generation of a new millennium.Be proud?Our title could’ve been better, it sounds pretty corny,I looked online, no one seems to think thatWe’re going to be the ones that save the world
Split tongues slithering air, Puffing plumes of vapid vapor,
drip. the showerhead cries,hiding my saltwater tears. hot. water trickling down,cleansing my soul. scalding. steam surrounding me,burning away the sorrow. calm.
Free-for-all America turns itself into thirds: Democrats, Libertarians, Republicans. Ideals upon policies upon slanders building on each other Make the basis. But never a sound comes from the reasonable.
The 12-Year-old poet collapsed He was weak He couldn’t see Tears impaired his vision It stung to blink And hurt to feel   He couldn’t speak
All i do is tryI try when i writeI write until i cryI write until there are mo tears left inside my eyeSo what is the real reason why people try?
you cannot go  anywhere without finding something that floods your veins   you cannot look at anyone without wondering if their family is dysfunctional
Poor choicesdrowned out by voicesof want and reason
Oh apathetic world Unplug your deaf ears Listen to me, I beg Soften your hard hearts and allow them to breath   Oh apathetic world  Let your heart become impassioned
Mumbling and droning,  That is how they present. With a carelessness that is  Astounding. With an attitde that is  Cringe worthy. They do not care - They do not care at all.
She's not me          I'm not him                They are invisble, only I'm seen   I am myself only, I am responsible for me, my future, my college, my family If you were to die, I would turn a blind eye
To find a cure for Apathy
A girl oceans away Crying away oceans Absolutely perplexed at the notion That hundreds and thousands of lives can be lost All of them taken as if they have no cost The slash of a neck
Taunt fingers touch the stringsAll musings of pain forgottenWeightlessly they float over and againIn a delicate repetitious pattern 
Numb, so numb My heart breaking into so many tiny pieces would not affect me in the slightest. so numb a paper cut is less than a scratch. num, absolutely so.
I would have liked to do my homeworkBut last night my dog was barkingMy sister was screamingAnd I couldn't stop crying about that thing that happened years ago.I was just a kid.
The walls of a former insitution Make up the constitution Of my school Where its cool To be utterly complacent Completely adjacent To anything that matters   I can't have empathy
today they sat us all down they asked us questions on a screen they asked about drugs  and drinking the things we're supposed to experiment with they told us to be truthful,  so I was
Faces passing by bland grey in the corner of my eye To think I see them every day again and again along my way they don't know my name I don't know theirs if one goes missing no one cares 
If there one was thing to be changed One thing to be gone It'd be the sugar and honey The sweet sweet apathy Oh, it'd all be exchanged Thrown away into the sun The problem you see,
A flicker floats upon a crystal sea. The chilly clear white-caps Damask a dance of cold intricity- Beneath the wind that flaps,
No joy, no sorrow; it will wait till tomorrow, but right now I am numb. The light has gone from this world and, with it, the dawn.
I saw the SHALLOW SOULS of my generation induced by the spirited connection of NEGATIVITY’S SPELL Being judgmental on a person’s looks Doing nothing but mope about being a nobody
Is there a beginning of nothing? Everything seems so distant. As if it isn’t there. As if it isn’t real. Is life real?
This is a narrative. It begins and it doesn't exactly end yet - there's no end of an era here yet. The Nineties Kids are growing up, coming into our own
Blithe misunderstandings Happy mistakes An injustice accepted History takes its toll, for apathy is as powerful as hate
Blithe misunderstandings Happy mistakes An injustice accepted History takes its toll, for apathy is as powerful as hate
Amidst all the try-hards and give-ups, Stand the happy middle of the two Who hasn't crashed and burned yet And who still hasn't made it through Who's looking inside that tight circle?
I’m about to give up, give in Hating, passivity It’s original sin Blood runs through our veins We forget we’re kin Where to begin? Where to begin?
Will we be there? Will we help? 1960s social protests 1970s social protests 2013 social apathy So will we be there? Will we help? Are all men equal? Or do americans come first
The rivers are red with crimson blood. The screams of insanity engulfs my mind like a flood. As I start to slip away. Everything gets darker day by day.
Ode to the Sloth
I imagine that I am warm. The jet hair on your arms I nestle in should be proof enough. I shrug off the nip and slide into your spacious body cavity. Ward away the seeping light.
it cannot it's shivering and timid and clamoring and there and puddled and huddled. it cannot. pouting and loudly around it cannot. mostly it's shared but also it's mine
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