Ever so still

Breathing slowly

In and out

But nothing 

At all

Seems to come

From your heart

Icy frozen

Deep inside

Nothing breaks

The hard shell

Inside is air

Old cracks

Starting to fade

As you regenerate

Into something new

The limit was reached

To the next level

You start

Only to be broken again

Pinpricks of fear

Trying to get in

But you stare unfeeling

And not seeing

What feels so wrong

Determination sits

In the far corner

Alive but in a coma

Not pushing forward

Happiness hangs

On the ceiling

A heavy weight

Piano music floods in

But you've become deaf

To the sound of your screams

The weeping and the laughter

It becomes part of the background

And it's only later

That you realize

You're changing

You lost your color

And you're powerless to stop it

Because you have no energy

And everything is already dark

You can't find the way back

You're lost

Groping around blindly

Trying to go back

But a wall is behind you

And a door in front of you

Maybe the only option

Is to walk

Through the tunnel

In the pitch black

Without light

And without taste

Sound or smell

Maybe that's all 

You can do now

Until you can

Find color again

And maybe

Start to feel

Something inside

Other than ashes

And shattered souls

And even


Begin to feel whole. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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