Syspihus is more alive than ever

"it is imperative that we, modern-beings, remember the mythicalities from long ago, 

from the demi-Gods to the creatures with those halos"

reflecting with some friends regarding these old fables

i conversated with them around my wooden-old table


"a real ancient one", i thought, "is the Myth of Sysiphus

and his shameful, everlasting endeavors"

but for Goodness sake, i was being duplicitous, 

the myth is more alive than ever


you know the story, the poor man hopelessly pushed the rock

but would fatfeully let go once he finally reached the top

  "what an exhausting, and hopeless life it must be" we stated

not aware, quite foolishly, this very tale our lives recreated


in society, we have all become victims of the exhaustion and routine

through anxiety, most just push the rock, without seeking our dream

life so void of curiosity, youd assume this repition would eventually boil over 

but we are all drunk on apathy, and changing would require us to be sober


in truth, most have surrendered now to the dreadfull hill

even though, in our youth, we vowed that "we never will."

we have let complacency and empty ambitions live in the midst of us

we are now each modern reincarnations of the Myth of Sysiphus

This poem is about: 
My country


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