Swim to Shore

Sitting in shipless sea

you wade and wait for me.

You wish I'd get in but

I wouldn't risk the tragedy

of a storm, to bear us back

to a foreign shore.

Alone, together,

with no hope for another.

Stuck with you is the last thing

that I want to do.

So I sit in the sand

and wave to you

As the clouds pass over.

The water swells, the waves have risen

the sky grows sick and grey

as lightning strikes the horizon.

You feel the pull and, in a panic,

 you begin to swim to me. 

I run to the edge 

to present some sort of company,

But the current, it drags you back.

You scream my name and I yours too

but frozen by apathy,

I know not what to do.

Swim, baby! Swim!

Break the swells, brave the storm

and meet me in the shallows,

but like every other

I lost you in this battle.

Nothing left but the sound of my name,

so I kneel down and press my fists

into the sands of my shame.

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