Numb, so numb

My heart breaking into so many

tiny pieces would not

affect me in the slightest.

so numb

a paper cut is less than a scratch.

num, absolutely so.

slice me as many times as you please

or to a depth which will

satiate your desire,

and i would not so much as flinch

would I even bleed? ha

It is a possibility, it is an


i am Numb

my body feels nothing,

how could it possibly bleed?

Time passes me

in my state of apathy

blameless time

it is what is expected,

pass without consideration

of the mediocrity that is the human



such a soulless action is not

expected of fellow man.

yet and still,

so much pain, one becomes immune,


not immune,

numb is the correct word.

such a lonely place to be,

in the world of Numb.

but so lovely at the same time.

wonderfully separate from the state

of mind in which I suffered so much

anguish, deep slashing festering

burning sinking pain.

inflicted upon me

by stranger and friend alike.

beautiful it is this remote land of


it is unnatural, I must not dwell here too long,

for each time I visit,

I am tainted more than before

and am tempted to stay longer.

Forbid the thought of the result

Of an extended stay in this such state

of existence


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