Astrilogical specs

Tue, 08/22/2017 - 23:00 -- Neftee

I suppose the only truth i have found,
Is that nobody is in control of anything.
But a lot of people are good at pretending.
We choke the life out of our children.
We say things like, "you need an education"
And "be a good tax paying citezen"
But life is all fabricated
And the glory in it is stale.
We pretend it all matters.
We pretend that our global chatter
Is relevant on a universal scale
But if we were snuffed out by a metorite
None of it would matter.
Not our jobs, not our families, not our thoughts.
And if we were all ended at once,
It wouldn't be as if we were lost.
It would be as if we never were.
We are nothing without an abserver.
And if we were all to be silenced in a flash of fire
There would be no body to miss our sounds.
And perhaps we are better as an astrilogical artifact.
Or merely dust specs in a nebula.


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