Let It Be

Tue, 08/22/2017 - 07:58 -- Neftee

Oh lord,
Shatter my heart through
The barbed wire fence
That embodies my logic
And philosophy.
Let my heart be an open wound,
Let it feel the laceration
That is the result of your truths.
This world is so full of hurt,
So let me feel it through you.
I am your hands and feet,
So i will walk and act for you
But also let me feel the nails
This world uses to nail it's self down too.
I am not a God.
I am just a man.
But let me be a man of God.
Let my soul bleed
like you bled for me,
And let that blood
Pool out in shapes that resemble love,
compassion and empathy.
Let my submission to man kind be a submission to you.
Tho traditionally mankind would agree with submission to authority.
I know that it's only because
your foot rests on there heads
Just like their boots rest on me.
And there is nothing they can do to me
that you can't undo.
And let it be
that I am not a self marter,
But instead a spark starter.
Let my sacrifice set this world ablaze but only in the direction your holly winds push the flame.
And crush the fame that I might have and replace me with your holy name.
Let it be.
Let it be you
More then you let it be me.
And let my smile be sincere.
Let my heart be free
And let the darkness fill with fear.
For it knows your name too!
It's true.
That I can not move,
Unless it's through you.
So let it be
That you fill me with your understanding and courage
To do what needs done
And strength to give up myself
When I think death has come.
It is all on your time.
So give me peace.
Let me see humanity as the victim
And not the attacker.
And through my passifism
Let them feel love.
For you are far to powerful to be stepped on,
But you still sacrificed yourself.
So why should I resist where you didnt?
How could I be better then you?
I can't
So at the end of it all.
Let it be that you pick up the pieces of mankind.
Weave the cracks from the fall
With the thread of your compassion.
And let us be beutiful again.


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