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I know I cannot impress upon youThe love and care that I carryIt is not explosive, but stable.Strong, safe, familiar.Natural and home grownWith roots buried as deep as a tree decades old.
Two men died over a woman who was as beautiful as a jewel.They both loved her and they both died when they had a duel.This horrible incident occurred in the year 1802.Two lives were lost when both men were through.
Nine days back turned I 28 Today you went away Though rarely you made your presence Which felt so strange and out of place And it's Corona and no friends to pay  the last to you of farewells  
I am well aware that I am no stranger to mistakes. In truth, no one is, but this is how we learn and to be afraid of mistakes is to be afraid of the possibility for growth.  
The path of a forest stream is guided by the gentle branches of surrounding groves meandering angles shaped by stoic roots driven deep into the bitter earth making dirt and mud their mossy home.  
Rise UP Rise up I say, why you gotcha ya head bowed This ain’t what our ancestor had in mind when they feet hit the ground Running as fast as they could, never looking back at the enemy
Three Brothers, singing of powerful truths. One was Metal. One was Pop. and the Other Blues. Together they formed a Trinity. Singing of ballads and tunes. One brother of Thunder, and the other swayed by the moon.
Sisters I have none, Brothers I have three, But they are kind of done With talking to me. Sisters he has none, Brothers he has two, We don't talk to any Out of touch are we.
BrothersFunny, SweetAnnoying, Protecting, LovingMake me feel responsible Male Sibling
Birds of a feather flock together,  born on the 23rd of october, here comes Wanya after Wilber-t, seven mintes after his brother. They were brought into this world together,
Bubs, Right now I know your mind is on Other things.  Trying to focus on important stuff like Homework and  Elder Scrolls Regardless, you are on my mind.
My little brother is obsessed with bananas.  He's twelve.  That makes it slightly less weird.    He calls ordinary people "Bob" when laughing and his current favorites "banana." 
It's as if I'm looking through a keyhole, the two of them silhouetted against a future bright. One looms large, admired, fedora tilted over one eye. The other?  Innocence, unaware of flaws in his hero.
Once upon a dead man’s dying wishMy war waging, a blade to my heartFriend’s we once called,I to youYou to IThen by what calamity bringsYou call to our loved ones,Justification, brittle
Dear Little Brothers and Sisters, When you have a relationshipKeep this in mind: Hold their hand,  to comfort themRaise your voice,in support of them
I love you bro I hope it shows I listen to all your music  I prefer acoustic  I know it makes you happy I know it sounds sappy I would take a bullet I would let it hit my gullet
He won't stop burping, he's constantly slurping. And he keeps chips in his closet.   He spills everything, and makes wierd grunts. But worst of all, we're related. 
As I sit here,Pondering what I would take,On a deserted island,For my life's sake.I can think but of one necessity,For me to survive,My brother is who I'd choose.We are lethal when together,
As I sit here,Pondering what I would take,On a deserted island,For my life's sake.I can think but of one necessity,For me to survive,My brother is who I'd choose.We are lethal when together,
Little feet scrambling across hard wood floors Pitter patter of fingers across computer keys Haunting notes of a bow across viola strings Laughing notes of a song to each other across empty space Fresh cookies being carried across the kitchen to s
Abracadabra alakazam! I think I was just given the most wonderful man. His eyes are blue, and he has such little feet. Now I know why little brothers are so neat.   Abracadabra alakazam!
As I contemplate all I know  There's one last thought that wants to grow   Who am I friend or foe   Knowing myself has never felt so low....      
Every day is another war, Another soul lost Another closed door And at what cost?
I was taken from my parents at age 5, I have to admit it was the saddest day of my life, My brothers would comfort me day and night,
1.  As the sun peaked through the shutter like an unwanted mister
1.  As the sun peaked through the shutter like an unwanted mister The trees sang their song in a wonderful whisper.
Today has been a rough day A tough day I came to Oregon for college
I've grown up around strong women. To be specific, I've been surrounded by strong black women. That doesnt make me strong though  This made it hard for me to find myself. I wanted to be like them 
Pure are tears,
Striving the derived blackened nightsWandering the
There are those who call you friend. There are those who call you besties. There are those who call you Ally.
This is my last performance for you my brothers so i am glad to be wearing this uniform one last time I'll drop and give you 20 coach so don't get so poached this is one weird poem for y'all
Fresh flesh bleeds upon the ancient grounds of history Flesh that isn't our own Those chunks of human life belong to our brothers and sisters born to delete the wrong doings of war sickened people. They fight.
  One of Two, Brilliant Miracles             Walk among lands of gold             Live life bold in new and old             Love and see a world with splendor
  Two of Two; Brothers beyond the End             Identical in image             Unique in minds             Connected beyond comprehension
If I could change one thing, it’d be this tall, intimidating fence. I’d tear it down and frolic away deliriously into the world that’s been waiting for me.
First of all hello, my name is Alexa and I will be writing a free style poem inspired by my anger and sadness from my little brother getting kicked out of our house.
Never thanked you for making things possible Never apologized for that day I made you cry Never understood what you were trying to say I was truly blind This isn't crap This is real
  Mother Earth  rejoices hymns of children cradled in branches birthed by her human mothers   Mother Earth rooted in pain endurer of vain bears blessing, sends prayer
I didn't ask for them They didn't ask for me I yell at them They yell at me I don't always like them They don't always like me Sometime we argue Sometimes I win Sometimes I don't
The Roller Coaster by Luke B.   I built a big roller coaster, I named it The Hulk. Excitement is packed in its humongous bulk. When I’m strapped to the chair, the wind blows my hair.
I didn't mean to notice you, but I did. When I tripped over my introduction, When my hand grazed yours, Or when I stared down into your ever changing iris. I didn't mean to, but I did.
What is wrong with the world?
Time enchants her victim, begs me near to sharp being… Wraps round frail shoulders as she tickles porcelain cheek.
My fear consumes me. I'm torn on the inside. Should I stay for you, Or can I run for me? I feel your soul filled eyes, Staring down and judging. After my past with you, How do I change me?
I am in pain, From my head to my chest, Nothing has changed, I always tried my best, But it did nothing, I don’t belong here, I am something, But I can’t shed a tear, I am in pain,
My knees are weak They begin to tremble From fear of deceit My body longed for home, that was calling for me. How did I get to this point ? I feel like I've lost all hope, stranded I was.
Through mushy puddles she wears a tranquil stare, Brows furrowed in ambition of getting there, Little steps, one by one, growing distant from the restrictions of mother’s arms,
It’s like he’s trapped in a cage. He’s building up rage Within the days He’s been spending in this place Where he’s stuck, Surrounded by his own thoughts and emotions That his demons brought
Your angel face is fast asleep, calm and perfect, in dreams so deep. That's the first time I saw you today... things would be different if it were my way. Softball keeps me out late at night
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