I am a brother, therefore I am

As I contemplate all I know 
There's one last thought that wants to grow
Who am I friend or foe
Knowing myself has never felt so low....
I am a brother
Never mind the loss
I will liberate no matter the cost
I am a brother
And I'll come back fast
I will never disregard my past
I am a brother 
And so are you
There is nothing that we can't do
Side by side we soon will stand
With our sisters hand in hand
I am a brother 
Yes I am
this society is a sham
I am who I say I am
Yet they will never give a damn
Telling lies must be a game
Win or loose it's all the same
Making us loose our way of life
So we exist in eternal strife
Making us loose our sense of soul
By telling us we must pay a toll
To truly know where it all began
In a secret place of eternal sand 
I am a brother 
And so are you
Respect the sisters
That's what we'll to do
I am a brother
Who loves his brothers, and his sisters, like no other
I am a brother
Yes I am
I am a brother 
Yes I am
I am a brother 
Yes I am
Yes I am 
This poem is about: 
My community



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