We'll meet again someday

Striving the derived blackened nights
Wandering the cruel and yet soothing days

Never alone as before I was founded
Struggle to run shamefully wounded

You came by ,and the the night never felt such a day
Tears strode my eyes dreadfully some days
Looking up to you, brother
Deviated in such atrimentous nights
I found my place after to my whole new life

To you and to me, such a happy sight
As for you before to amble
From a long tormenting heart
Stuck in a life and left to be
We found sanctuary, we found the only star guiding towards to be free
And people walking, looking down upon us as the machine with wheels far beyond us

People just at last just leave and walk with no sight upon

Let us wander through formidable territory and set off a new trail
Nothing bear among that we can bear
Cross the pavement and long last us to the other side
My long last brother

Are you okay?
Wake up. Please wake up.
Why aren't you getting up? We have to keep going! The machine barely touched.

I'm not going leave you. I'll wait till you wake up.
I'll sit till you get up and well keep at it
I'll protect and sleep along with you

People stride along and look down upon as more machines ran and nothing more
As blackened invaded, all fell to
All to one

We'll meet again someday.....


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