I know I cannot impress upon you
The love and care that I carry
It is not explosive, but stable.
Strong, safe, familiar.
Natural and home grown
With roots buried as deep as a tree decades old.

We were kids
We drew stick figures of who we wanted to be
I added some crayon in yours
You shared colored pencils for mine.
I've said it again and again
But it never stops being true.

When I think of my happy moments
I see your face.
Our twin grins
Standing next to each other.

We change and grow
Who we are ebbs and flows
We don't see each other much these days
It scares me, but even still

There's a sketch of you in every drawing I make
A trace of your laugh in mine
I do something stupid and I hear the inflection of your voice
The tone you use when you tease, that one.

You're in everything I do.
I'd never have it any other way.

This poem is about: 
My family
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