My Clan

What is it about brothers?

I have never seen lovers as inseparable.     

Not even close.

There is nothing that compares to

sharing the same blood as another.

Nothing shadows their tremendous passion.

Their arms and hearts entangled from birth.

What is it about sisters?

I have never seen friends as caring as a sister.

No way.

There is nothing compared to sharing

the same heart as someone.

Nothing matters in the end but their

companionship and love for each other.

Their soft embraces reserved only for them.

What is it about brothers and sisters

that is so beautiful?

I have never tasted anything so sweet as

brotherly sisterly love.

There is no relationship as tender as the

one they share.

Nothing comes close to the simplicity of

their love.

What is it about mothers

that makes them so amazing?

I have never seen someone work so hard.

Not a day in my life.

They are the ones who strive for connection

and understanding.

There is no love that mirrors theirs,

as they hold their children, and give

them life.

Their hearts melded to their children's

from the beginning of time.

What is it about fathers?

I have never seen a more devout love than theirs.


They teach and watch and guide,

their eyes never straying from their child’s path.

Nothing is as gentle or kind as the

guidance of a father.

Even though they hate each other sometimes,

They will always love each other 100,000 times more.

So what is it about family?

It is unconditional love.

This poem is about: 
My family


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