A Ballad of fallen angels

Once upon a dead man’s dying wish
My war waging, a blade to my heart
Friend’s we once called,
I to you
You to I
Then by what calamity brings
You call to our loved ones,
Justification, brittle
Crumbling as dust through your fingers
To my hand
Why, my brother, must we do this dance?
History foretells our ending, thus begins
Our bow
A performance, high as the clouds
“You stole what was mine,”
He breaths them
Words, which never ring more true
Than that day
The day our beloved took her last
“Any hope I had, now in a box,
Ten feet down,
Do you know how it felt to watch her die,
Not for any other reason
Than because you lied?”
I feel this tear running down my cheek
His blade cutting deeper beneath my skin
A clearer shot, I could not take
But my finger does not break,
This tension throughout my life
Bring myself, I cannot,
To kill the brother I once forgot
For my crime to answer, I may
Accept my sentence on this day
Deeper still the blade doth breach
A grave for two, revenge doth seek
As I feel the darkness waking
My brother’s life here for the taking
“I’m sorry,”
I choke, as death calling,
My last words, tears falling
We swore, loyal to each other, eternally
Brother’s in arms, souls of royalty
Yet here we lie, both deserving
What one will take, both sins,
My pistol, reserving
Judgment for one
One, enough
To reconcile a bond
And never give up

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Our world


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