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This is war, A cryptic whirlpool of souls and hurt In which we have no friend but earth. Earth! Earth! Earth!
In the purple ocean deepYou came to us serendipitouslyBecame a filter of our livesTook a promise as "Love Yourself"Seeing our universe from your smileGazing at your unique style
With the recent loss of my mom and dad, I can’t help to think how each of my sisters and brother are dealing in their own way with the loss.
I held you tight Tried not to cry Please don't leave my sight Don't say goodbye   "Be brave" you said I said "I'll try" But you might end up dead Don't say goodbye  
When I was a child I used to wonder why the veterans in town didn’t like the fireworks on the 4th of July. I thought that’s what they fought for, the freedom to make things go boom.
Going Army to civilain  Was a challenge for me, Bringing all of my experienced baggage along From the sights of active duty. Deployed my first year on getting stationed At the age of nineteen
Stamped Denied.By: Fabiola Rios 
I never knew the path I followed, I never knew how close I'd walk, I never knew my life was broken, I never knew my dad was not Taught me how to be myself, taught me how to read and talk
My sister used a quarter in a machine the other day, one that drops random surprises, mostly worthless but still they are kept, for reasons unbeknownst by most As the claw picked up a ball, stale candy joining the fall
It was just the fall of October when the skies were still sleepy The sun had pulled its blankets, yet the naked trees looked creepy Amongst the golden rays lies a mysterious yet recognizable shadow
One word SEAL What does that mean to you? To me SEAL It stands for SErious Exceptional Astounding Love for Humanity. A true seal Is ready to lay down his life
One word SEAL What does that mean to you? To me SEAL It stands for SErious Exceptional Astounding Love for Humanity. A true seal Is ready to lay down his life
Bullets sound from every direction Soldiers drop With dog tags in hand   Under the moon he gaze Breathing in and out No ones coming   In the mud The color of red fills his eyes
Flag burning has a right That is why you all fight Yes it's a moral disgrace but they are trying to stand for their race. Desecration does no harm, they are only casung an alarm.
June two-seven, two-oh-one-seven To soldier,  Today is the first day I haven't seen you in two years You have traded our hallway-hand-holding For barracks-and-gun-toting. 
#Day2 - August 2017   Love shot down like a thug on the street..   Heart shattered like broken glass on a beat..   Sound waves rumbling through my head like a stampede..  
From then to today  the flag that stood so tall in the sky, held by the weight of more than just the soldiers that grasped it the soldiers that fought so hard, so much 
The man next to me. Usually in a camo uniform. Or a blue jacket. He has tags around his neck. A shaven clean face. And the American flag painted on his shoulder. I look at him.
This country is united but not under God, you're blind if you think this country isnt flawed. We have troops dying left and right, people dont say a word, People dont see the real picture, the real picture is blurred.
Ex-Army Boy, Sapper Boy.
The Darkness of Night By Ryan G.     Darkness had fallen, dressed in black The army stood, no light
I traded my sorrows for a pretty face And a bottle I traded my sorrows for him And a cigarette to my lips My sorrows were replaced
In light of events, I'd just like to say how lucky we are to be here today.   
I love you. My gosh do I love you.   I dream about you. We lay on the beach, we eat in fancy restaurants and I have even visited you overseas.   I've seen you get shot. 
It didn't matter what I thought to regret my decision to change my choice I chose my country I chose my God over you I hurt you I angered you I considered you trying to change me
You've gone too soon. Our fingers intertwine, only ever under the moon,
My people have walked miles on end,praying it's just around the bend.  
Bacon and scrambled eggs We're served bacon and scrambled eggs on the special day Scrambled Eggs; Fluffy, unlike the bed my dad has to sleep on every night Yellow, matching the ribbon that is used to support him
I'm going back to school for degree number two, but financial aid has run out,oh no, what should I do?
Every morning You ask me how I’ve slept
one, moment that changed our lives. as you told me the news  Holding my hand  Two seconds for it to sink in  I let the tears fall three days before you left walking away from us leaving 
There is nothing quite like a genuine smile   There is nothing
It wasn’t all that pretty  
When he was a small boy, He dreamped of being a hero of war, On the battle field to save every one, In the hot desert sun,   So little Johny pick up that old b-b gun, Mama look at that squirl run,
If I had the power, I would help a baby bird to fly. I would teach it how to use its wings. I would catch it if it fell. I would make it believe in itself. If I had the power, I would help the mother on minimum wage.
My tears of sanity             Grinded by hell             Drag through bones and dust             Continuous battles             Thrown to the ground            
The two lost souls, I only wish we met, Sooner, I wish back then you said hello. But that summer, oh I cannot forget, the time we spent, to only watch you go.   We sit under the stars in your old jeep,
He ran through clouds of dust  Kicked up from his comrades' trampling boots And neutralizing fire- But our children sit.   Rise for The Man! Rise for The Land!  
Something is missing,  Each day that passes it is like I am breaking just a little more. My head spinning Thinking of all the memories. It is very easy to get lost in my own mind. When I look for a way out, 
Have you ever stopped to see How all of our lives might be Without those who died for the red, white, and blue Sacrificing their lives for me and you Do you even give one thought
Army Is US! Strict, Strong, Stern. Army is you. Tall, Proud, Heroic, Brave Army is you.   I will stand by your side. I will support you always.
Broken home Broken heart Torn from the inside out Just ripped apart ……………………………….. You’re behind my scars
for as long as  i breathe he wore a  uniform lottery ticket of death gamble never to be won eight years old invested not with glitter but jitters oldest
Every minute, every hour, every day..I will stay...  Right here patiently waiting.. keeping my mind busy, as to not always think of you...
they protect our nation and way of life they are ready at moments notice there might not be many but they are proud can you guess who I'm talking about
Miles away from home a soldier lies,He cherishes many hello's, and despites goodbye's.He risks his life, he is willing to die,He does all of this to see that American Flag fly high.What most people do not understand,
You are my best friend, a great brother, a great person. I look up to you, my hero. What happens if you come back and you don't care about me the same?
Our fathers’ dream has been realized   Here we stand, America the greatOn democracy but still not finalized,As we are ever changing, no end date
Another day had gone past with you away It seems like there too many months in a day, Valentine's Day passes with you sending petunias to Momma I only wish you could be back home so I wouldn't have to deal with the drama!
  Dressed in army greens Brown boots, tags around his neck Finally he’s home   No trace of a smile He is very different now Finally he’s home   He was in the field
Army strong isn’t the correct term to define yourself. Teddy bear type of guy. Shy, sweet, funny was what you were before you became army strong.  I guess the guard told you to guard up your feelings in the
This was written while I was at basic training for the United States Army.........  It's amazing how the essence of somebodys presence can change you. And then when your gone without it its amazing how it could offend you. 
The cries of war surround common soldier as the men rush onward in excitement and yell But the opposition is fierce and men fall fast as straight as arrows Common soldier obeys
An army I see standing before you Won't you let it be so we won't go blue Me alone in the field, head high and no shield for give me, but I won't bow down or kneel Lets open our eyes and see what we've done
  That summer I had just turned nineteen Is when I saw you in shorts of camouflage green. You saw me when you were playing football with some pals
That Life we Live We don't live the life of boredom We are free, we are birds We are always on the move seeing new things, & new things seeing us..
Life is what you make of things They say you take the good with the bad They say that life is full of wonders That there is something waiting for you at the end of the long road
I'm like a rubber band I can't be broken I have been hurt so many times that I'm not breakable I have cried so many times that your words will never hurt Stick and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt
"Sticks and stones may break my bones", but words have more power than the biggest army. With each break, bones heal stronger, but internal wounds never will. Although they try. Just before they are mended,
I'm shutting down What else am I to do? Till you come around Till then I'll wait for you So broken How I feel inside words unspoken All these feelings denied
He held the ink stained letter It came to him from miles away Hung on to every word written From the girl that begged him to stay
You have the strength of a soldier and the willingness to fight. You have the strength that will carry you far through foreign lands. A gun strapped to your back that wears you down, yet you still have the strength to keep going.
I am from the infantry. From soldiers who have fought to their death. Through deployments and basic training, they triumph over all. I am from a war that gave us freedom.
Stand straight, stand tall, stand proud don't you dare give up. your strength, my strength... it is all we have back straight, feet together, now they are apart must be perfect
As we walk into the line of fire Memories start running through our heads Some of us remember playing with our kids Others seem to recall when they themselves were kids
As just a boy you made your decision to become a man, you thought long and hard and didn't take a thing for granted it was in your final year of childhood that you chose to take a stand
In the dark, I swear I feel Your arms around my heart In the day I think of you I pretend it's ok Knowing that you're A million miles away In the war
The gentle rocking of a heavy metal coffin rocks her to sleep Instead of the pleasant beat of her child’s heart.
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