My tears of sanity


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My tears of sanity

            Grinded by hell

            Drag through bones and dust

            Continuous battles

            Thrown to the ground


            You stand with my heart

            Fantastic, beautiful, sane

            More than most

            Driven by courage


            Always there in good and bad

            Living in prime

            Shielded by heavens light

            Given a flame


            As I suffer

            You are given hope

            A broken mirror

            Finding who, yourself


            My blood frames the glass

            My pain fuels your mind

            In time we arise

            But my loss is your gain


            Vibrant, strong, but

            A shattered image

            Devils and angels dwell within

            But you are the right


            The good I have given

            When my shadow falls

            You give me color

            You give me…


            My tears of sanity


I will lead my own future.

I like this a lot. It is easy for me to relate to. Thank you for posting.


Wow!!! Fantastic Poem! I can see the struggles in your words and the light at the end of the tunnel that you reached. You did not only obtain "tears of sanity", you obtain freedom. Once again, this is an amazing poem. Keep writing on my friend!

Mafi Grey

Beauty comes in every form and so does greatness, another great poem right here.

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