Dear John


When he was a small boy,

He dreamped of being a hero of war,

On the battle field to save every one,

In the hot desert sun,


So little Johny pick up that old b-b gun,

Mama look at that squirl run,

Don't wory mama I'll be okay,

I'm only in the back yard just 10 feet away,


Ever sence he was just a small child,

Little Johny went wild,

Every time he heard a shot go off,

His aim was true,

And the dear had no clue,


So pick up daddy's old shot gun,

Grab your gear in the mid-day sun,

Mama we'll be back by the end of the day,

Don't worry mama I'm not too far away,


Remember when he was just a small boy,

And all his dreams were so far away,

Everyone came to see him off,

It was the big day,


So little Johny picked up Old Sam's gun,

Nervous as hell on his 14 hour flight,

with the 50 other men in his same plight,

Don't worry mama get rid of the black dress,

I'll be home soon two years'll fly by fast,

This time mama I'm worried about you,

I'll wright every day and yes, it's true I love you,


Little Johny came back way too soon,

He fell on a granade and saved his platoon,

Mama cried and wore her black dress,


His body was dropped in the flag that he loved,

A purple heart, mettles of vallar and honor,

Right before the cold grave claimed him,

His mama stood up and cried


Ever since Johny was a little boy,

He wanted to be the hero in war,

On the battle field to save everyone,

In the hot desert sun.

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