Watch You Go

Wed, 02/26/2014 - 17:19 -- TessiaD

The two lost souls, I only wish we met,

Sooner, I wish back then you said hello.

But that summer, oh I cannot forget,

the time we spent, to only watch you go.


We sit under the stars in your old jeep,

Its two o’clock AM, I pull you tight.

The time is running out, and I can’t sleep,

You whisper, “Don’t loose hope; we’ll be all right.”


You left, and I put trust and faith in you,

and seven months we still are going strong.

I love you more than words; I wish you knew,

And now I think that you and I belong.


A greater challenge lurks, but now I know,

I’ll stand by you with pride and watch you go.  


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