The Glow-Up After Military

Going Army to civilain 

Was a challenge for me,

Bringing all of my experienced baggage along

From the sights of active duty.

Deployed my first year on getting stationed

At the age of nineteen

Seeing things a lot wouldn't have seen

If they were the same age as me.

Breaches at bases next to me

I consider it counting my blessings

But the constant waking up at night

Does nothing but increase the stressings.

Eventually I've gotten used to the mortars

Couldn't tell if that was good or bad

I figured I couldn't evade the inevitable

So my thinking was basically sad.

The tour was over made it back in one piece

But I couldn't say that for everyone

We lost six comrades that rotation

Safe to say that their fight there was done.

My thinkings been off compared to the rest

And I have a reason why

Because I seen a different part of the world

And how separate their rules apply.

My feelings are mixed and living is slim

My mind races all of the time

So they put me on meds and give me a shrink

And I don't have to give them a dime.

So broken is me talking through poetry

To show my life though the service

Though I'd do it again without second thought

Would show why I really deserve this.

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My country
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