Never Too Young for Patriotism


United States
34° 1' 53.274" N, 86° 19' 2.6112" W

As just a boy you made your decision to become a man,
you thought long and hard and didn't take a thing for granted
it was in your final year of childhood that you chose to take a stand
And to fight in honor of the place where your roots were planted.
You began your journey in August, which is when you began to train
took a plane away form those you love and cherish.
Who knew that an act of honor could cause so much pain?
to ensure a strong young soldier like you would rarely perish.
You made it through in a few short months with the will to fight
not only for your freedom,
but for those you love and all that is right.
I hope to join you in the United States armed forces
as a proud female airman in support to this wonderful country,
and there we will let our patriotic lives run their courses.

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