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I think it’s time to let you go I wish this healing process wasn’t so slow  It’s scary being with out you  Now who do I call when the days have been long
               Catch 22I rather be mute, than misinterpreted Because I take pride in understanding. But the less I say gives off more of a-misunderstanding. 
You’re fast asleep under the covers of my bed,  I lay down next to you, lightly stroking the curls on your head.  one snore, two snores, three I’m counting your breath, hoping it never leaves. 
When you are born it's dark Then comes the light  You eventually learn to walk and stay up late at night    Growing up has stages  You start as a child You start to go through phases 
I always wake up with the thought that I will be someone great Just to realize im living a world where happiness declines then i Iie away on a daily just to get up and do the great stare-
There is an unspoken fear Of the fear that lies within. Of the fear boiling in my veins, Of the fear peeling back my eyelids at 1 a.m. I say nothing.
There is an unspoken fear Of the fear that lies within. Of the fear boiling in my veins, Of the fear peeling back my eyelids at 1 a.m. I say nothing.
 Pale skin like cream  Brown hair like coffee Smile so sweet  Sugar would be salty    You’re my caffeine in the morning  When I look into your eyes  Robust like hazelnut
Darkness It’s what separates the good from evil It’s the lack of good and the lack of light It’s the feeling that creeps inside of you when you least expect it It’s a force strong enough to bring the strongest man to his kneesIt’s enough to drive
Boobs Why must you bounce While I go down The stairs of my house. It fucking hurts my back. Thanks.
Dear Destroyer of Motivation, You are a shapeshifter. A manipulator. You can appear harmless, like a sweet humming in my ear. You can be found anywhere. In phones, my bed, the stars. You are limitless.
  I’m stuck here alone and broke, just my luck, What can I say? Growing up sucks, I’m getting fat because all I do is snack, Don’t grow up, it’s a trap,
A heart is as big as you want it to be Say it again? A heart is as big as you let it grow like wool on a sheep. Hearts are fragile and can't prepare theirselves. Mostly, it's the brain doing the work.
Have you ever dared explore the wonders of your feats fails and blunders?
hypocrites! If you look up the definition you'll find "A person who indulges in hypocrisy" Okay, well thank you, Google. So if you look up the definition of "hypocrisy," you find it is
I'm not a mastermind of a poet, and no one needs to tell me this  because I know it.   I write whats on my mind,  with the intention of clearing my own sky, because I need it.   
I have a little wooden box,
Blue sky, black clouds, Cute pets, hype crowds The many thoughts we have and never speak aloud Good grades, sweet crushes high school sweethearts in they're lucky
Anxiety:A seven letter word thatKnocks the wind out of me every timeI am called to attention
It hurts a lot.
  As I stand inside this room I can feel the darkness loom Deep inside my broken heart My guilty soul tears me apart.   And I cannot describe the pain It does not sting or lightly maim
Everybody seems to see right through me anything I ever do is just for their benefit because me, I always receive the deficit. That may be why I hide up in my little shell with me, myself and I
Relationships started as a crush A friend, a stranger, maybe even love at first sight.
Here’s to high school,
You know what ticks me off? How people can be so cold  Dirty looks and a lousy greeting I'm new to this place, it's my first meeting All I want is a simple smile I'd like to see that every once in awhile 
I have a theory,
A bunch of unanswered questions, worried thoughts about the future, and even the difficult decision that every young teenage girl goes through daily "What should I wear tomorrow?''.
Tell me how could real eyes realize real lies, when you're the one who's always walking blind? You wak with yor head held high in t sk wth such pride, and have the nerve to say that you're "the realest man alive."
Unable to socialize had a hard time fitting in Never seem to get noticed even by smallest living thing. Used to look in the mirror and study myself hard asking painful questions I later regret.
The memories reply over and over in my head Your laughter intermingled with mine And mine with yours Running and squealing Joking and Jumping But all of it isn’t real. You joke around and act
run little baby girl, let the wind and the sirens comfort you as you go, run as fast as you can, get as far away as you can it's okay, it's not like the others will ever understand
Monday morning; wake up, wonder the outcome of todays day, ariive at school Monday afternoon; eat, life thoughts, drink milk, more life thoughts
Sometimes, letting go seems necessary, like I have no other choice but to let my fears and problems- swallow me whole.   Sometimes, I'd look in the mirror and study myself hard,
Life is a mystery full of surprises You'll never know what's going to happen so just live through it.   Count your days count your blessings count your mistakes before your life
You're as clear as glass and the nastiest mess; You have different personalities and about thirty masks; You guide others throug the dungeon with nothing to see; You're heart's darker than ebony
I don't have to apologizefor not being perfect
When I first came hereI thought things were going to get better.
Just like any other, I have secrets beneath my smilesA story untold that'll catch many by surprise
A tear drops from her eyes
I had a dream- that I woke up and everything was lovely.
Have you ever had a moment where you kinda just think This isn't where I'm supposed to be And you're just not where you want to be.
A smile that shone as bright as the sun, A laugh that keeps one going till the day is done, The girl that once walked with the confidence others dreamed of Now claims the blackened heart- now free of love.  
Laying here awake thinking and not wanting to believe what I hear. I don’t want any of it to be true, but deep down I know it is. I can’t describe how bad it hurts, it’s beyond words.
I truly believe that to succeed means more than acquiring money, But being hungry to give back to society. To make it means more than the fake get up, More than the superficial snakes that call themselves friends to us.
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