I’m stuck here alone and broke, just my luck,

What can I say? Growing up sucks,

I’m getting fat because all I do is snack,

Don’t grow up, it’s a trap,

I have to set about 7 alarms in the morning, not just one,

I’ll let you in on something, growing up isn’t fun,

I have all these responsibilities now, things I must do on my own time,

If I could go back to being little with no care in the world, that would be fine,

I’m running low on shampoo, I only have a small glob,

I’m seriously hoping this can of dry shampoo will do the job

I have no quarters, so my laundry basket is overflowing in my closet,

I don’t use this textbook anyways, maybe I can hock it,

I stay up so late doing homework that I nearly fall asleep in class,

But I can’t get by on exam grades alone, my parents would kick my ass,

I failed a math exam but luckily she curved the grade,

Now I’m only 3 letter grades away from an A,

They say that you meet a ton of new people in college, your friends will be lifelong,

I don’t think Cierra is considered new, but hey I could be wrong,

We bought a fish so that it would make our dorm feel more “homey,”

A pet was supposed to fill my empty void but this guy is definitely a phony,

Our floor of the dorm is pretty nice, all girls, so there is always perfume in the air,

Just don’t use the showers, they’re cobwebbed with hair,

I have about 8 exams next week and 3 assignments due at 11:59,

And I still haven’t really learned how to manage my time,

I guess all of this is just part of growing up,

So to those who aren’t in college yet – good luck!








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