Screaming Infidelities


United States
25° 11' 1.3668" N, 80° 23' 17.2788" W

Laying here awake
thinking and not wanting to believe what I hear.
I don’t want any of it to be true, but deep down I know it is.
I can’t describe how bad it hurts, it’s beyond words.
I would love to cry, but all my tears are gone.
It’s like betrayal, but far worse.
And to top it all off,
you have not a care in the world for how its affecting me.
How do people put up with this?
I know i’m not alone in this feeling,
and I feel bad for people who have been through this multiple times.
I know I can’t do this again.
I’m always told how I don’t deserve this,
how anyone who is willing to cheat on me must be an absolute idiot,
and how they would never give up someone so amazing.
Well, I don’t believe it.
If I was so great,
then this wouldn’t keep happening,
I wouldn’t keep hurting.
But it does, and I do.
I can’t care about this any longer,
its just eating away at me.
If I don’t stop it soon,
there won’t be anything left.


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