Deep Sleep Phoenix


It hurts a lot.

From the stinging of my eyes to the aching in my chest.
And the bruises on my ribs and scattered across my shins.
I still haven't quite found a reason why I'm still here.
It may be you.
Maybe, you're an ocean I'm supposed to sail
Or maybe your a forest I should travel upon
Or maybe you're the train tacks that lead me to where I need to go.
But darling, I'll never know.
Because I always look up to you for answers.
You are my sky and I, just a stone. 
It's so hard to keep my mind off of you.
Missing you is the worst.
I haven't felt your hands
Or felt your kiss
Or looked into your eyes.
That opportunity I missed.
But this burns deep and loud inside,
Leaving heaving craters of kerosene that are ignited by the fire in my eyes.
Drop an amber on my skin and my fortress will be overthrown
By scarlet petals, waving to and fro.
And don't be alarmed by the black fog,
it's the truth that lurks out barking like a dog.
And the heat is only infinite if you stay to watch, 
so I suggest you leave before you must.
And lead yourself out. 
Lock the door.
Don't let me in.
Ignore my screams off at shore.
Ignore my wails and cries for help.
Ignore my blistered voice and my severed self.
Throbbing in my head and smothering my lungs.
The flames will die off and die down,
To leave the ashes of a deep sleep phoenix 
And her comforting feathers layered on the floor.
With only a whispering name left.
A chiming Never more.


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