To you, our younger generation. We're here.


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I truly believe that to succeed means more than acquiring money,
But being hungry to give back to society.
To make it means more than the fake get up,
More than the superficial snakes that call themselves friends to us.
The American dream used to be of happiness and great influence, we all know this.
Modern times has desensitized our generation to be cultural-less.
Handing the young over to the merciless and ruthless,
Scrutinizing self-image, immoral rulers that impact our sons & daughters with false accounts right in front of us.

The struggle used to be that we all needed a job to help our parents pay the bills.
Now the scuffle is the latest fashion accessory, a fresh pair of shoes.
Every year and decade societies priorities become more twisted than Hurricane in June.
Abstinence used to be glorified now teenagers are horrified to say so,
Afraid of the rejection their peers and society will display because some still understand morals.
Mistakes happen, LIFE happens.
That’s more than understandable, in fact; credible.
Where are today’s activists that fight for their rights?
Those whom raise awareness, spend their time volunteering and helping out?

I believe in giving respect and being kind to those whom don’t deserve it,
It’s almost a forgotten sign of strength in mind to the worth-full.
I insist in taking leadership roles even when in times of hectic situations I’m processing a hundred
Solutions to take into action while searching for a wiser answer…
When I pre-evaluate scenarios, I feel helpless and can’t stop imagining how I would fail to
Contribute helping anyone none the less myself.
But how can one gain leadership roles, where others look up to them for help-
When I sit and wallow in self-pity?

No, not me.
Maybe once upon a time but that ending changed.
I’ve learned the important things in life, besides quality.
Nothing is more promising than guiding our next generations for the better of mankind.
Yes, those whom care for the better of others and are willing to sacrifice for them,
We do still exist.

Our younger generations just want acceptance, whoever you are-
Feel obligated to be the leader of your community.

Highest of salutations to you next generations.


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