Real Eyes

Tell me how could real eyes realize real lies, when you're the one who's always walking blind?

You wak with yor head held high in t sk wth such pride, and have the nerve to say that you're "the realest man alive."

I am disgusted, because you became everything you became everything yousaid you'll neer be; even when I tried to save you from this state of mind, you had the nerve tell me that I'm the one who's "living a lie."

Look at yourself, you're a slave; a slave to to this false image you've made to feel acceted by the people who can barely remember your name, and you tried to humiliate me by calling me insane.

I'll be damned if I knew the life I'm trying to live is in vain, because I have yet to see the monster society is trying to make of me.

So before you try to calim yourself to be "the realest man alive," realize that real eye realize real lies.


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