The Struggle was Real


Unable to socialize

had a hard time fitting in

Never seem to get noticed

even by smallest living thing.

Used to look in the mirror

and study myself hard

asking painful questions

I later regret.

Sleepless nights

and tear-soaked pillow

staring at the ceiling

be-friending shadows

with sadness and awe.

Held down for so long

believed the negatives

only left me bleeding

with many open wounds.

All I asked for was love,

acceptance by those

who are supposed

to be taking good care of me;

Instead I received none of those

and felt the complete opposite.

Hated on life 

lived in hatred and fear

trusted no one and anything 

not even faith.

Thought it was time

to put everything to an end

but I decided to give life

another shot 

and make new friends.

The struggle was real

between life and death

I had an option

and chose the better one

I'm grateful for living

and having another shot.




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Wow this poem is really great. I love the fight between yourself and eveyone else. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.


Im glad you loved it, thank you!!! Yes I will read your poems and give my opinion upon what I think.

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