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 Loneliness, Emotional pain, walks with us through the day,and sleeps with us through the night,Tears that is not visible to the naked eye,silent screams that no one can hear,feeling of relentless distress,
I came into existence, naked yet clothedwith innocence and unaware,bathed with my mother’s blood,old folks heard me cry and were so glad.I came not into this unknown sphere by my own will
Ecclesiastes 3:1          New English Translation A Time for All Events in Life 3 For everything there is an appointed time,
2 Timothy 1:7 New English Translation 7 For God did not give us a Spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control.  
  2 Timothy 1:7 New English Translation 7 For God did not give us a Spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control.   Reaping  
TOMORROW, I'll cry for all the world,for all the things gone wrong.I will cry for every techered bird who has lost her joyful song.I will cry for ever flower who has lost his colour.
Last night, in my dream,while i wandering in the wild landsand crossing silent shadows,i met a word and ask:''What's your name?''My name is loveand i'm alone in life,i need you,
Our life a dazzling dream and the death a new arrival,there is no end and never was a begginning.Thousand centuries will gone and will leave faint signsin the breaths of time, thousand suns will light up
To dream with the black man in one eye and the white in the other,
Dawn meet the light,  and the twillight the moonall are mirageson labyrinth of mind,ever since time waking.Do you think that our existencemakes any differenceto this vast universe?
When one door opens, another closes.this is the eternity's circle,mistakes belongs to us, but not all,  the fate mapped out for us to follow,but does not define our choices,  beings of necessity and randomness,
All humans on earth are one.We descend from the same family of common ancestors.We are, in a quite literal sense, siblings,and like siblings we depend on each other's loveand care and responsibility.
Listen,if stars are still lit it means there is someone who needs them.It means someone wants to love,Why then do we feel so much pain and heaviness of heart?are we waiting for something, regretting anything?
2 Corinthians 10: 5    New English Translation
Perhaps one more before I go. This one is dedicated to the men, a man’s height beneath the floor.   Sitting in chairs, until the room starts spinning.
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Puffing Marijuana doesn't make misbehaving, neither does it mean thuggery. Using cannabis makes: think, rethink and reasoning. It's the true source of
Proverbs 4:20-22 New English Translation 20 My child, pay attention to my words; listen attentively to my sayings.
I Used To Meditate In My YOUNGER Days... !!! The Day I Stopped Was A Crying Shame... !!! But I Now Meditate In A... DIFFERENT Way... !!!
Ecclesiastes 7:3-4 New English Translation 3 Sorrow is better than laughter,
Sun beams drew me to the river’s edge, Pulled me knee deep in a mound of sedge. Light’s encompassing aura of gold, Took a grip on me with a bold hold. Looking down to see what was above,
Let my garden be a song to you, When dawn wakes the bird to praise. Let the woodpecker hammer out your glory!
Let my garden be a song to you, When dawn wakes the bird to praise. Let the woodpecker hammer out your glory!
We enter your home. The Lord in Spirit , Inside my beating heart, And wish you peace. The troubled world surrounds us. But we have and advocate, He has overcome the world.      
Did we design the seed? The little grain of Hope. Did we comand to grow? The little sprout of Faith. Did we create the Light? The ray that makes it grow. Did we command the rains?
Ch'an music II Drink in a whilethe image ofan unfilled teacup. Enter that spaceflawless, open,enclosed by porcelain walls.
2 Peter 2:1-3 New English Translation (NET Bible)
And he saw  The light in my eyes, He saw I was trying, I was holding on tight. Once I felt freedom,  Now I feel too much.
Merciful one, Hear my cries, May I find favor in thine eyes. May none of my words  I say be in vain, And may I, one day, find that quoin.
Colossians 3:15 New English Translation (NET Bible)
Stillit sits there, bones and all, grounded in the monotonous planecolor unyieldingPoised to begin, possessing the knowledge of the end. 
Heart Pounding, Beating out of my chest even. Deep breath in, deep breath out.   Lips Quivering, Teeth lightly nibbling the inner lining of my mouth.
Lacking   2nd Cor. 11:4 “for if he who comes, preaches another Jesus, whom we have not preached, or if you receive a different spirit,
  No one appreciates you when you are not thereNoise and confusion everywhereThey don’t know you are still here
Rebel against the system Don’t conform Down with the system Is all that is heard All that is seen along the walls in their grafitti
Her sleeves of compassion juice my mind Materalism tears seem to grow wings of kind this rain waxes new worlds oh the juice of my brain Set my sample fantasies on blind edge, broken heart
Welcome, young soul Enter, close the door All preconceived ideas Reject reality that frees us from Eternally enslaving entities
Seconds to minutes Seem too vacant For our empty minds, Full upon request. So many find pause Staggeringly scary. Fearful of the thoughts, Frantic for that box.
Psalm 32:2 
Running from, yet to Car, door Searching the holder and finding it empty.
I close my eyes.  I breathe. I smile and embrace the wind in my hair.  My heart is breaking so I seek peace.  I pray.  I want to cry but I can't. Look at my face- I will always seem okay
The circle The rustle of the blanket Pulling me away from sleep From silence But in the absence of silence In the midst of noise
A quiet morning resonates a soul like stones dropped in clear water.
Peace my child, peace within. I skipped a rock the ripples spin. I seek the truth I threw the stone, but still I ponder Where did it go? Peace within.  Look at the lake
Water is relaxing As I sit In the shower Nothing can compare To the way The water feels like silk against My skin My hair
Psalm 41:8 New Living Translation (NLT) 8 “He has some fatal disease,” they say.    “He will never get out of that bed!”  
2 Cor 4:4  In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the Light of the Glorious Gospel of Christ, Who is the image of God, should shine unto them.
Psalm 139 For the choir director: A psalm of David.   1 O Lord, you have examined my heart    and know everything about me.  
Ecclesiastes 1:13 New Living Translation (NLT)
Once again My heart has beaten into a fresh puddle of dawn The sun has licked my eyes awake  Chance sits on the other side of my front door. Outside, the grass waits for my toes
Exhaustion seeps into my bones, The crisp morning chill sends daggers through my veins  But I fight it, urging myself to leave my bed of cotton and clouds
Good morning great morning the sun is up it is burning my soul on fire raging like its storming grateful for the day i am earning
“Why don’t people know about this.” I think As my body soars away from my seat I feel as thought I’m filling the space   like water once shaped to the pipes
Barren stems more than emptiness -within the confines of lost and broken,resilient as beauty is -Hope that awakens in white flowersto kiss you dreams that you areso welcome to take. 
Be the one well traveled, hold truth higher than your comfortand your faith will set you free. 
I stand on red earth I clasp my hands together, Raised up like an Aborigine Proud as a yogi, feeling the intelligence My ancient ways to present, I present to you as my talent
I asked the Beings hopping up the pebbles of my spine if their pattering feet left watery prints on bone   -if such shadowed
Life is a beauty, a strange, strange beautiful beauty with its tangles and snares thrown about its many rooms. Its colors, like a sea sick rainbow spewed throughout each and every room, nothing
All I need is a Place to Clear my Head Sitting on salty rocks at a peaceful beach where shell and crabs are within my reach.
I awake, and the dreams or terrors of the night leave me. You are there to greet me each morning, to assure me of my safety As Your peace fills me. Just as You provide for the animals that live outside the walls of my home
I struggle through that crowd That marches through the day; It’s rambunctious and loud— A chaotic parade.  
The Lesson 
Air that breathes in life
Air that breathes in life
The whirr of electric life is electric thoughtblurred by mathematicsconfounded by chemistrydisgruntled by retrenchmentinhaling a textbook on its deathbeddisappointed by renovationstearing apart
Birds chirping Dogs barking
    The cool grass under me, the soft songs that leaves of trees play as the wind travels through them
    The cool grass under me, the soft songs that leaves of trees play as the wind travels through them, the sporadic streams of sunlight that hit my closed eyes, creating alternating red and black blurs in my mind: these are sensations I tune int
As I gaze into the jeweled night
It is dark here, in the recesses of my mind.A cold dampness leaches out of the cornersAnd turns my bones to brittle ice.The fog pulsates with my breath, but forever obscures my vision.
An ageless voice echoes Like light upon water; Reflection: When a mind recovers
Trees swinging side to side
The moment I close my eyes Smoke creeps into the air suffocating me like an anaconda Like a sly Inland Taipan striking me with its poisonous venom, and then nothing...  
Oh sun, Oh sun How he does rise To watch the cheerful play, See him illuminate the skies, And hide before each day, Oh sun, oh sun What warmth he brings, To ever leaf and flower,
You're not right for me. No one is right for me. I'm not saying it out of pity. I don't pity myself. I'm not tired. I can't even say I'm depressed anymore. I'm empty. I'm void.
Along with the wind My mind flows As a cool breeze Kisses my cheek And bright, colorful leaves Fill my eyes Such a beautiful sight Within walking meditatiion
Wind wispering in my ear,  as I glide through the atmosphere of nothingness.. Not knowing which way to go,  instead of searching, panicking, worrying,  I just go with the flow. 
1 Hands tied behind her back. Society wants to keep her down, beating her brain with ignorance and burying her in debt. A fury of thick red, yellow, purple and orange brush strokes surrounds
Beneath the HemlockI am at easeMy heart calmAs my mind. Beneath the HemlockI am at peaceAs I sitIn the soft grass and shade.
Whenever I attempt the act of relaxation, In the forefront of my mind there is always a slight hesitation.
Somewhere, far off into the horizion... A valley rests between the mountain ridge, Untouched from time. Streams, Like liquid silver run gently as day melts snow.   Here an old song fills the air...
He looks up and sees the moon. It looks beautiful tonight.
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