Peace of Mind, Mindful Purity

Exhaustion seeps into my bones,

The crisp morning chill sends daggers through my veins 

But I fight it, urging myself to leave my bed of cotton and clouds

The peaceful aura of the peaking sunrise dimly lights my path,

and here, I sit in the grass, closing my eyes.


The morning dew quenches my dry, cracked skin

Butterflies perform beautiful dances around my fingertips

Birds harmonize in their own musicals

and I smile, humming along to their sweet melodies


I am a lotus flower, a blooming catastrophe, thriving from the mud,

               mistakes and sins engulf me, but I prevail

I am a freshly painted masterpiece, rejuvenated that a new day offers endless possibilities to be painted

I am a storybook, comprised of page-turning suspense of the new adventures i will face everyday


I open my eyes, and I am bid a good morning by the now awakening sun

she smiles at me and caresses my cheek with warmth and renewal 

and the breeze waltzes with me all the way back into my house 

it is a new day and I smile again, 

because even bad yesterdays can become nothing but lessons to build a new tomorrow. 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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