Ecclesiastes 3:1          New English Translation

A Time for All Events in Life

3 For everything there is an appointed time,

and an appropriate time for every activity on earth:




Remember in many wars, that most folks who pass on,

Do not know Jesus personally as their chances were cut short

Is it not such with abortion that where the issue is not the babe

But the mother and the society which justifies millions to abort


The baby goes back to Heaven to the One, Who provided life to it

The adults oppressed by Satan are seldom to be settled or relieved

They live the remainder of their life to try to justify their action

While Satan enjoys the deception that he planted in their creed


The helpless and the person with a disability dragging  through life

They are possibly the ones Jesus carries all the day long

All they have to do is to trust Him for deliverance

While others in their limousines smile and sing a worldly song



Jan Wienen

This poem is about: 
Our world


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