Clarity 1215

Sat, 01/11/2014 - 14:03 -- nyiemaa


The moment I close my eyes

Smoke creeps into the air suffocating me like an anaconda

Like a sly Inland Taipan striking me with its poisonous venom,

and then nothing...


I  enter a different realm of my mind,

My thoughts moving like clouds across the sky.

I inhale and feel the sweet aroma of incense enter my lungs

Then exhale the ashes of what my life has become.

A storm, a clear sky, a clear mind, or a cloudy day,

 My thoughts pass away like moving clouds

And then I become a part of an unclear reality.



Quite interesting how hell can come in and exit your life so quickly

In hell and then exit hell

With each inhale and exhale I take

I can escape to a honeyed bliss,

Sitting on the shallow sand of a windy beach

Viewing clear skies, waves colliding against each other violently and onto the shore

 Then I enter reality for the second time once more.


Each time the Zen bell chimes

I am able to have a clear mind

Or change my destination to another paradise

Producing a universal vision on life and developing a wiser paradigm

Escaping the harsh truth of actuality and realism this world put upon us

Full of war, hatred, corruption, prejudiced and imbalanced existence

I am able to escape to a paradise and clarify my being


I’ve finally arisen this morning with some type of peace within my soul

Make me wiser

Make me peaceful

Make me patient





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