Wed, 10/01/2014 - 19:38 -- moezelm



Welcome the emerging desires
that launch pebbles at your bedroom window
with an enticing tap, tap, tap…
It becomes the rhythm that weaves its way
through your membranes, 
exciting each and every electron with an energizing buzz…
Take the hand of this seductive stranger; 
feel yourself sinking farther
into the spacious unknown.
Greet the stars with glimmering eyes
and a spirit that strives for stimulation,
as the glue adhering your mind and body  is painlessly peeled away.
Recognize the geometric patterns that unfold before you
like the unwrapping of a personal package
sent by infinity itself.
Soak in the endless assurances of the universe;
don’t let misperception distort your mind.
When you surrender your spirit to the galaxy, 
a pathway is aligned.
Dip a toe in the water if you fear the dive, 
but submersion is key in feeling alive. 


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