Good in the Middle

Rebel against the system

Don’t conform

Down with the system

Is all that is heard

All that is seen along the walls in their grafitti

On the t shirts and

The protest signs floating on air down crowded streets


Then work hard

You’ll succeed

Conform or you’ll fail

Rank yourself against the world and we’ll see where you stand?

Echo in concrete buildings

And in the ears of small cubs

Just starting to learn what life is about


A war is going in in case you hadn’t noticed

two different Sides

both saying their right and the other wrong

A consistent game of cat and mouse

Where every other decade they switch from gold to silver and back again


Now I’m going to say something that may sound

Just a smidge hypocritical

I’m right

And in that I mean both sides are right

They are a yin and yang split and mangled

I wish to make them whole

Both so wrapped up in their

“Individuality” that they don’t realize that their speaking in unity

Both say come

But I say no

I’m good being in the middle


Happy not being tied down

Sitting on a ledge

But not falling off the edge

Good to be myself and not

Have to put on a suit

Or ratty t-shirt

Just to make it out alive


They say I am insane for thinking so

And yes that might be true

I am as mad as the martyrs before

Who were good in the middle too.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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