Sometimes It Pours

Running from, yet to

Car, door

Searching the holder and finding it empty.

Running back to the window and peering in, only to realize

I looked to be locked out, but i look back and wonder if instead i was locked in

The soft pitter patter on the hood

Big droplets in my hair

Nowhere to go

So, I sat and pondered

Pondered and sat, then i broke down

Where did it go wrong

Where were the signals and signs

Where were you, now that you weren't next to me



Everywhere at once maybe

I’ve felt your presence around me, since it happened

And I just have to wonder why

Why would you leave me

I asked the rain ,but it was the wind that replied

It was time for you to go, and you were now content, but i was the one still holding on

To the thoughts, the memories. The good days and the bad

My heart began to ache

Nostalgic, because you were my home

Now destroyed, so where do I go



Everywhere at once?

I feel no peace in the rain.


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