2 Corinthians 10: 5    New English Translation

We tear down arguments 5 and every arrogant obstacle[e] that is raised up against the knowledge of God, and we take every thought captive to make it obey Christ.


Examine every thought you have in the light of God’s Word

Patiently and decisively put your hand to this very task

Constantly day and night, be aware of any infringement

That darkness wants to play on them to dress you in a mask


Whatever the thought not of God needs to be squeezed out

Don’t let these thoughts linger, for they will lead to compromise

Bring all thoughts into captivity and obedience to Christ

For lies can be placed by darkness into the mind otherwise


What type of thoughts you have at times can pop up in the mind

Well! Let us look at imaginations as they carry you beyond reality

Is that what God really wants without simple reservations?

Does not He want to protect us from becoming the next fatality?


Arguments pop up so quickly, and in mind, judgment follows

How often did not we judge or at times wished someone dead?

If our Lord judged like that, where would we now reside.

Your thoughts are just like your deeds; that is what Jesus said


Lust is just another one that easily takes us captive

It grasps us by the throat and won’t easily let us go

Until it thinks to be satisfied, and that is no kidding

It gets a hold of the best of us, unless Jesus calms that foe


Jan Wienen

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