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The living shall worship 🛐 thy Lord as the Angels adore Him on the throne. Off their faces with their golden crowns 👑+ bowing down. Their songs is hallelujah, 🙌 glory, giving holiness, admiring the everlasting living being.
GOD'S LOVE FOUND A WAY God's love found a way Long before the earth was made Though Satan and his angels fell God's love found a way
Ezekiel’s wheel turned ‘round and ‘round Fiery ball above the groundOut stepped a man to his surpriseSkin of bronze with fiery eyesHe uttered not a sound nor even a wordEzekiel understood and also heardInto the wheel spin and flyPenetrating the de
I remember how heaven was  With no worry or war I took heaven by its word With no will or choice to veil my gift or hoard.  
Once upon a time, Darkness prevailed, Lonliness ensued me, Despair chased away hope.   Once upon a time, My heart was a "black hole," Questioning my existence, "How can I go on?"  
One Can Only Imagine This Place I Cannot Describe..... In Between This Darkness Of Time Trespassing Through This Light Into Life It Was You, Guiding My Way..... I Became A Spectator Of My Own Life
  People grow Angels too Not just those Helping me and you Heart and love Flows in all dirctions Angels Angels Beings of Heart Come share community Right now's a good start
When I was a child, I’m always dreaming that I’m in heaven with angels in my side. And there were also angels in the surroundings, Some were hiding, Some were smiling,
There’s a devil kneeling at my heels  and an angel bowing low before me.  One burns bright and blinding, the other burns strong and lasting.
I kickstarted your heart, Benz. Pushed your fetal blood in the right direction, connected your neurons. The foam in your infant lungs,  I turned that into oxygen.
I don't believe in them But there are gods Gods which can only dream of finding someone like you Someone who listens so closely That their head pounds like a breaking dam Waves crashing over the sides
I do not belive in them But there are gods amongst us Covering their ears Trying to block out the sins of this world banging against their skulls   I am no saint But I wish I could be your angel
cross my heart and hope to breathe / suck the air into my lungs like a promise broken / like wind in the air singing hymns across a desolate plain / and wish for something different or better or nothing at all / because this is my story and our st
I see angels They are all aroundThey protect me  I feel their presence They are near meThey protect me  I feel secureThey do not ever leave They protect me  They help me everydayThey are gods helpersThey protect me 
Awaken child! Rise child! The sun is shining oh, there's no rain only sunshine! Why are you crying? The future... it's so bright!   Remove yourself from this slumber,
And it was after you I realized why the lord made angels in heaven far away from humans. I fell to my knees aching to touch those fluttering wings on your back
Outside your window  lies the hand that feeds you poison  now would be the reason  to bite the hand that feeds you  but you can’t know what you don’t know   angel exterior  but a monster inside 
From the Heavens, You Have Fallen   Were you leaping across growing mountains? Or swimming in the cytoplasm of a cell? Perhaps you were drinking from the milky way. From the heavens, you fell,
These demons always plague me, They keep me in constant torment. Where could the angels be? They aren’t stopping my demons. The demons only get riled,
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Gave of salacious self, your just due My one and only dream I wanted to come true Earthbound after a meteorite crash Healing properties within this castaway shall come to pass Wings has been tenderly clipped
To my dear, sweet angels, Where do I begin?   Our story commences in 2014, A confusing time lapse filled with muddled memories.
you think you see the sun in her well son you’re mistaken because she’s just like me migraine behind our eyes   i saw an angel once
I dance in the sea I twirl, bubbles surround me   I run up high on the clouds Racing the angels proud   Then swim in the sun Till the day is done  
Wrapped in a sleeve of grace Cuddled in an angel's wings Between it's heart and mine there is no space Between it and me there are no secret things   When I die my angel will hold my spirit
In a world where nothing stays the same Either for better or worse America could either lead to fame Or it can lead you to a hurse Aren't they both the same? They seem to be a curse
America   Have we got what we sought out— Have we deafened our ears— Have we defended with honor— Have we lasted the years?   Learned to love and learned to hate,
there see it?    Ashes on the windowseal grey my fingertips as I lean over you a white dog sits by the oak stump in our yard   so? whats so special about some dog?  
Not acquainted with these Nights.. Peculiar, yet neighbor to them, related to them... stop enabling him! Departure from the gates. dubbed the savior to him! Channeled through his precognition
My days sim a little dimmer than they use to be The cold, dark clouds seek refuge in my heart I ask why I even bother to get up Because out of the darkness, there is in fact a light That tunnel runs from me
To sit down to an amazing meal after a long journey Giving thanks aloud to the Heavenly chef New wines, not old enough to foment Platters spiral outward from the center of the room
Some people believe in a heaven and a hell.  The place where the people with good souls live in eternal paradise. The place where those of evil are condemned to eternal punishment.  But hell is empty.  The devil lives among us.  Sometimes you can
The man with wings found it so, that humanity was looking a little low, They looked each other in the eye, and the wingéd man kissed him with surprise
Ariel, the girl with the long blonde hair. The world hasn't had a chance to scare her, because she doesn't understand the gravity of reality. The reality that she'll never grow up, never move out,
She once knew a man who made her forget the difference between the sun and the moon. Someone who stood up before she even felt the need too.
She clutched the broken objects, Held them to her chest. They constantly mocked her life, Called it a mess. But they couldn’t see the tears,
Angels and Demons are so over used. People say you're one or the other, People say you dress or seem like one or the other. My years through hisghschool taught me, Neither of these exist. There is good.
“I love you,” she said. But you are all teeth and angles. Your mouth tastes of burning blood, however, you swallow the bitter substance. Wings brush the treetops behind you, their eyes quivering.
You would call out into your restless night, “I need an Angel that will end my fight, one that brings daybreak upon my endless night.” But the storm raged on, unwavering.
  Here in the garden, kaleidoscopic. Here where I took and ate, saccharine. Here she was born.   Let me go  Please stop it.    My veins crepuscule. Eyes dark  Lips dark
Heavens' gates open wide as a new soul approaches slowly.  Crisp air frightens the new arrival,  yet there is freedom. Freedom in knowing the choice was his. 
I missed you again today I've been doing this thing where I refrain from thinking about you until about the worst possible time in the day to break down When I'm dipping in the pool for the beginning of practice 
Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Garden of Eden because they angered the Lord.Jehovah blocked the entrance to the Garden of Eden with Angels and a flaming sword.
Cold, wet, and defeatedThe angel laid her hand on my shoulder"Let me show you you aren't depleted,Come with me or grow colder.This is not what you intendedI can show you the light,
My heart is light like a feather, dark like night. Your heart is warm like a fire, brighter than the sun. Fire and ice, I'm dark, you're light, But if you mix it right, it can be paradise.  
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“One-Winged Angels”   “Sista, how am I supposed to fly with only one wing?” he asked I had to think long and hard about it
She’s flying with the angels,Look at her go.She’s young and free again.The hardships don’t show.  
oh what if we're just fallen angels
Look up
  Everything enters the world as Pure...
Across the years in the sea I wanted to see me under a tree   For my heart is long lost in the sky I am going to begin to cry   My love is long lost For he fell upon a cross  
What am I? A person? Or something more? In the darkness, I see the light arise. The battle is won,
Waiting for change, chances aren't worth taking. Waiting for answers, the future is still in the making. Change. A word that requires action. Struggle. Fighting the distractions. Step. Step. One foot in front of the other.
The battle within, is more intense than the fight outside. I want to take a puff, hit that needle, run then hide. I am brave in spirit, and stronger than I realize, but nothing I can think of, can compare to the high.
I've seen the Angels and Demons, I'm aware of Davinci's code. I keep falling down this path I'm on, somewhere I lost the road. I've stared a monster in the face. the evil I should fear, I felt none.
I found myself looking up 50 stories where I stood beams of white light shined down that point was I dead? Is this god?  Well It certainly was an angel
with love from me i stow upon thee words of pray  that only i can say i love you more than wprds can describe my love for you is hard to hide with love i send an angle to watch over you
The unknown So I find myself sitting on a sofa in the middle of nowhere At house in the middle of nowhere With people I don't know in the middle of nowhere Contemplating where my place is
If there are people, there are spirits. If there is a God, there is a Devil. If there are angels, there are demons.      One cannot exist without the other.
I sing a song to my Savior; I sing it long and sweet. The more days that pass, The sooner we shall meet.
The swirling winds that-  twist the midnight sky. The stars luminesce the night. Like angels- descending from above, defending the holy town  from the shadows of evil that lurk.
Why does she keep coughing? Its like she can't breath or something. But I know she can breath Because if she couldn't breath She wouldn't be able to smoke!
Sweet songs of monsters never ending
How do you think an angel is born? When she fights to be pure and perfect When she tried to be just for you To stitch on her wings Turned to the mirror to see Needle through her own flesh
I hate when people use me. Smile in my face but turn around to abuse me. Ive got a big heart and thats where it starts. I do things for others when they dont deserve it. I swallow my anger and i try not to show it.
What if you could fly?
   Every Christian has a different burden that they carry many of them forget that there is a sweet anointing in the sanctuary that there is a stillness in the atmosp
With the comfort of the angels I'll hold you while you sleep; Drive away all fear of danger; Forever mine to keep.   No longer the time to hide, Together we're made complete,
We are the Angels of this world.
You left. Without a "see ya later" 
This nightmare as tall flames skidded over the spires of the city I found next to a spade in hell an ivory doll, the white angel as it turned out, and in the flaming heat
There is no love for her
A cloud drifts across the sky.The scrawling of angelsCover every inch of it,Hiding their promises.
At a young age I was told Demon's have black horns And Angel's have white wings   I was taught that Demon's will trick me into love Then their black horns would imprison me  
I'm falling so hard that if I had wings I could soar with the momentum I gainedWhen you pushed me down
Seeing Angels passing by, I know you're safe with them. Even though I cry, my only feeling is Zen.   Walking through the door, of your eternal homecoming, you have found so much more,
we love to observe the angels the gods the light we love to pick out our beauties especially in those we adore. this is why love fails.
I am caught between  The play of light From scene to scene Alternating   Absence Excess But I digress to Moral outrage and despair uplifting thoughts
Cigarettes and Angels When an angel smokes a cigarette, it’s a sign that no heart is too sacred to char black. When the cursing red glow of flickering light
I found him on the corner of Central Ave. He just stood there smoking his cigarette Making little white ghost with each exhale Creating more clouds to shade the earth He knows I'm watching, he's no fool
Four Angels stood fast Heeding, waiting for the sound of the blast Their power so mighty even demons fear Their daunting presence treading near The day the month the year has been set
Falling is always the easiest thing to do When you hit the bottom, it's everything you will lose Just keep walking and never look down Angels are the only thing that can save me now 
I'm swimming in a sea of saddness, running out of breath. Although it seems I've spotted shore, I'm always wrong: it's never near. I wish I'd sink or be attacked, at least then I'd feel something.
He smelled of the ocean air,Of twisted steel to heat laid bare,Of ancient moss crept to and fro,And of enveloping ivy over solid stone,It was as if he had seen the birth of creation,
Once an angel sat down next to me, In the form of a homeless man, On a graffitied park bench and Said to me: “Why you’ve been an idiot.  
I saw you last night in my dreamsI couldn't believe you were really thereLike when something isn't what it seemsBut, looking at you, I didn't care
                The angel’s wings tingling                 Flying above the people mingling                 Trying to keep up with the bells jingling                                 The angel’s keep watch closely
The words flow from my heart And into my revolving conscious Where at the jot of a pen they part, And with revision, I am cautious.   Poetry is me, And I am poetry.  
After a graphic by Ruth Thompson Ebony claws filleted the air; giant entity rushes through the oily gash as its venomous blood boiled in the iris of its eyes. Its enormous wings bent
A little girl used to sit and ask, “Daddy why do people have to leave so fast” What do you mean? He questioned with some fear, Thinking to himself, she only has one year.
Did it see me, I could not tell, those demon's eyes, were a tranfixed spell, it tore the fabric of reality, and pressed its weight upon my chest, this was to be my final rest,
As sons and daughter of the most high God We have standards to uphold, as we are representing Zion And as we live in a dark and hateful world
You never know when you might meet them or why. They come and go, sometimes without you even knowing. They come in different shapes, sizes, color, and from everywhere.
A Moment to Fall Frigid air touches me with an invisible hand, For this is more than I can withstand. Wings, wings of an Angel cascade down my back, They keep me warm, but there's something I lack.
I hear the Angel's thunderous cries Commanding you to stop. The largest of the troupe comes near And kneels before your face; Eye to eye Bodies so close. You ache to reach out and touch
As times to come are seen from heav'n above, As life's pasture of green is burning bright, When eyes of men so keen do nothing miss, When hearts of gold are gleaned in dying night,
Angels, as it is said, are here to protect, To save us from pain, suffering and neglect. My angels are here, on earth, across the sea, Fighting for my country, for you and for me.
Just an angel in Hell Trying to get to Heaven The closer she makes it to the in-between The further away Heaven seems One day she'll make it there Until then, she'll keep fighting her demons
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