Valkyrie Falls

One Can Only Imagine

This Place I Cannot Describe.....

In Between This Darkness Of Time

Trespassing Through

This Light Into Life

It Was You, Guiding My Way.....

I Became A Spectator Of My Own Life

From The Other Side Of Space Time

Through Your Eyes Of Eternal Life

I Was Allowed To See Through.....

You Showed Me My Daughter

In A White Dress, There She Played

At A House From A Memory

I've Yet To Live.....

Even In Death, You Knew My Heart

To Let Me Experience, My Joy In Life

Before This Next Transition Of My Soul.....

My Sight Was Blurred, Or

You Blurred My Image Of You

To My Sight, As To Not Interfere

What Feeling, Could Not Be Felt

Through Misunderstanding Eyes Wide Open.....

You Spoke To Me, As I Heard You Speak

But Niether You Or I, Voiced A Word

You Showed Me Love

In A Physical Form

Emotionless, Thoughtless

With My Hand I Reached Out

And Felt Love With My Fingertips.....

This Place, Where Thoughts Could Be Felt

Emotions, Could Be Touched

Senses, Could Be Seen

I Can Only Imagine

This Place, One Cannot Describe

When A Valkyrie.....Falls.....

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