The Wheel

Ezekiel’s wheel turned ‘round and ‘round Fiery ball above the groundOut stepped a man to his surpriseSkin of bronze with fiery eyesHe uttered not a sound nor even a wordEzekiel understood and also heardInto the wheel spin and flyPenetrating the deep blue skyAway went the prophet out of the domeHeading now to his astral homeSpinning wheels behind the wallEzekiel’s eyes see it allHe came across a door of goldA new world lay behind it; a wonder to beholdTaking his chances and stepping in Heard the cry of an infant and it was himAnd now you know the wheel of timeHiding in the clouds and difficult to findSo, let the chariot swing down when it needs to beBecause one day it will be searching for you and me 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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