I'm Falling

I'm falling so hard that if I had wings
I could soar with the momentum I gained
When you pushed me down

I'd soar over ocean and shore
I'd soar to the heavens, reaching for the clouds,
Only to get to God's gate, and fall once again.

I'd fall and I'd end up back into you
Because the only halo able to go around me is
The one created by your arms,
And the only clouds I can touch
Are the silky black ones that sit atop your head.

The only gates I can open
Are the gates of your lips,
And the white light that pierces my heart when those gates open
Shines brighter than even God himself.

Your mouth,
And the sound that comes from that shining gate
When your joy shines brighter than the sun
Is more beautiful than the chorus of angels in the sky,
And I let out a sigh.

I sigh because I'm home.

I'm home, but they say home is where the heart is,
And since I lack a heart, I should be a nomad.
Wandering and never settling,
But you...

You have a heart big enough to rent out a room and keep me in.
Your heart has always been so big,
But you never allowed anyone in, until now.
Until me.

I don't know what I did to earn this roof over my head,
This warm bed where the cold can never touch me,
And a home where my heart is finally found,
But baby I'll never let you down.



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