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May you find a love that heals, a love that sees the beautiful despite how the world turned upside down the way you feel.
I'm walking down Passing a pond Being pushed down Attacked Rip for rip Punched in the lip Crying silent unstable Rape Taking what isn't his  But never cared
Closed my eyes, saw the whole world.   Opened my eyes, saw nothing.
Late at night, the broken spirits sit on barstools, hunched over the counter like question marks They ponder their place in this world They drown their sorrows in bourbon to escape the outer flood attempting to engulf them
To My Ex, J . G . .....
You listen, but you do not hearYou listen, but you do not understandYou listen to hear your voiceYou listen to understand your mindYou listen, but not to me Listen 
The ones who walk away Are the ones who don’t care,They can’t be bothered to.  
Pool Boy, You were just a boy, sixteen years young - (blank) neighbor. (Blank) demons derive from our paths crossing when (Blank) was 4. The day was hot, wearing nothing but the trainning bra and
hello; i know your out there. are you also made of fear?  are you father of the shadows? are you things, both hidden and queer? more felt than seen; a rainbow with no gleam.
Sometimes we hear things people say, Jumping to conclusions without any way For either of us to clarify or explain, We just assume what we heard was meant to cause pain.  
In the morning he bitterly swore Sunlight on his mahogany drawers How much he hated school Because the teachers didn’t care  
Not understanding the vaule and reason for opportunity of human life This always seemed present. People used the ability of thinking for their advancement and pleasure.
Sometimes, I don’t understand. How do people study so well at things that they don’t like? I just sit and get even more distracted when I try to study the topics I’m not into. Sometimes, I don’t understand.
Tears that awakened him at night already evaporated. Filled with words that aggressively stroked his nerves. We cant forgive how lonely he gets. We cant forgive his thoughts of destruction he starts to mimic.
How much can you bear? Why are you always on the clutches of wishes? However you are hurt you don’t seem to learn   Whenever the mind wants to stop, you continue Whenever the mind wants to continue, you stop
I was put on this earth to be somebody  not to please anything
She’s always saying speak up child
It's not enough to know That the human heart propels nearly two thousand gallons of blood in a day Or that we take this and place it there "because I said so."  
Seeing things with a different light Looking in the mirror and shaking my head… no I feel the need to dislike the reflection I see Too point out my wobbly knees my unpainted toes
Mama I love you more than any other on Earth. No matter who came I always felt first. To you, I am a blessing and never will be a curse. No matter how wrong, You never changed my worth.
I am beautiful? See I am in between, medium, in the middle. I am not light I am not dark, they call me brown skin. with the right filter I am light, and with no light you are blind.
Some teachers are nice, others are smart. Mine is just fat  and smells like a fart.
At the beginning of last year I found myself in Tokyo,
Mind over matter, to the mind of matter  to those minds that are complexed, perplexed. layer upon layers. Inception. My deception  My perception, my out look on life.
Why am I so hung up on a stupid message It's nothing I'm nothing At least to him... But what if we did Look each other in the eyes Remember each other at night
Understand that not everyone is the same when you think about it where did people get the "standard" for criticizing people since when did not wearing brand name clothes  become the definition of
Wake up.
Open skys, please open Wide. Hold my wings and allow me to glide. Take my pain that I hide. And bring through the clouds a brand new tide.
Blind, Oblivious, Bastards     I see you all, I hear you all, I know you all You do not see me, you do not hear me, you do not know me     You speak loud words of nothing
 We worked, long ,hard nights... diligently.
I do not speak loud
I found my old soul Lying half awake in a doorway
Poetry, is anything the truth? A lie isn't a lie and to die isn't to die. A thing is another. If someone stands for someone else does the second someone sit?  
Clear as day light Her eyes sparkle Realizing she is my love In love, if you asked She is everything that I dream about Tonight she will be in my dreams Insights on the life we are going to live together
My heart was broken       Neraly Choking                  On my own tears I tried to leave       But you held the key                  And after all these years... I fell hard in love
My sweet escape -  My escape from the blows, the pain, All of it, In the form of a cloud With a sweet, alluring scent That drowns my conscience, Inhibitions, Common sense - 
They tell you to make an effort, But they don't understand, They tell you to change your thinking, But they don't understand, They tell you that your not being a man,
Never thanked you for making things possible Never apologized for that day I made you cry Never understood what you were trying to say I was truly blind This isn't crap This is real
Stop, Constant struggle to ignore the harsh words, drama and hate fill the halls,
Oh teacher,oh teacher,How lost we each are. Both reaching,both searching,knowing we are not truly showing who we are. Will they listen now?Will they react now?Are their signs on how they fare?
oh you suck! How dare you treat me as untelligence  I know who wrote these poems, I read you know Maybe you don't, because your too busy poking you nose into other people's business
Teachers don't teach us          Students teach us how to learn        Teachers just follow       
The only student with a hand down in class The one in the back She’s trying to listen She’s staying on track   The boy in suspension He’s nothing but trouble
I cry when I don’t write because I am unable to speak. 
We are surrounded by people and things, By those who are chained and by those who have wings, By those who love life and dare to dream, And by those who are scared to even be seen.
Still pulchritudinous, I can see you now, No Mystery here; nor why or how, ~ The color of perfume caressing your arms, This damn velvet scent will never change,
Some people sayThat they understand the worldBut maybe, I'm just that one girlWho still doesn't get it.
I'm a guy that's different, but that doesn't mean I'm indifferent. A guy that's diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. My social life maybe pretty hard, but don't mistake me for a retard.
Struggling from a poor village, many dreams of freedom and peace. Im off to make an effort to this privallege The day has come im on my way to succeed. Days and nights of struggles and fear,
Have you ever thought of suicide? If you’re strong enough to put a blade to your throat? Or a gun to your head?
Mind whirling  Hands shaking  Not knowing what to do  Being utterly unable to push through  Seeing my goal slip past my hand  All my confidence slips by like sand  What do I do now?
Take a second to breathe, to listen. To hear the laughing and the whispering. I get it, we all do, it's old news. I'm gay, yes it's true. Yet you don't understand, acting rude and all whack.
Her tone frightens me As she spouts equations at the speed of sound My pencil furiously marks my paper With numbers and letters   If she hears the tapping of a pencil
Always focused on things that dont matter We dont care what your husband said your boring voice Puts us to sleep we wanted to learn things that we could percieve Things that would
  Can they understand........ It's not fair to settle for average. We must strive for excellence. Can they understand...........  A dream is the sight of our light that beams bright
Dear teacher I'm not a good student  I don't give a damn about what you say I only listen to get out of here a little sooner   Dear Teacher Stop choosing favorites
  Ever met a teacher that was so full of themselves So torn down by all this other miscreants Can’t see the good ones right in front of them Do me a favor and open your eyes
Education, striving for excellence and determination, because I am learning of X's and Y's and wars, and I quite frankly can't take it anymore, four passes dedicated to the bathroom per term,
Teachers ask you how you are "im good, and you" we reply. Thats because  the truth hurts but if I could say the truth, "im good"  would not be my answer. "My fathers a runaway fugitive, my mother has cancer.
To know and to experience are two different things. You can tell me that this stove is hot. But truly understand, I will not.
You say that the Civil War ended slavery, Then decry corporations as practicing such, Driving their "employees" into the ground, Hypocritical Much? But as I recall, Over all, Corporations don't chain
Hush, silence. All eyes up front! Yeah, but what you didn't know was that I had to fight for my life the other night.
Hi, it's me again. Yeah your favorite student. The one you constantly accused of cheating, texting during lectures, and lying about going to a funeral. The only person who couldn't eat their breakfast fifteen minutes before class started.
As students we come to learn Getting good grades is our concern But if we look at the page And we feel our minds stuck in a cage We tend to give up in turn. So as a teacher, pay attention
Mr. C Why can't you be nice? Why can't you be kind? Don't you know that you're hurting others? Are you blind? Well I guess you are, 'Cuz you always stare at the ground.
Teachers, you are not our friends, not all the time, please do not fool yourselves.   Teachers, I'm asking you: do you remember that the girl in the back corner, who
put Emotion when you Speak! do not be Plain or Boring! put Passion in your Tone of Voice! not Sorrow! Feel the Love do not Burn the Feeling!
We cannot live without it It brings bottled hope to the days of Sunburns and sweat It is our food, bodies, miracles, and love   Listen closer
  "It is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion" It is easy to be anything other than exactly what I am It is easy in my life to procrastinate change
                                                  Did you ever wish you can turn back time To that one scene in your life.   When listening to your head just didn’t seem right?  
The Subconscious possesses my fragile fingers, tracing the rusted doorknob. My errant body ambles off, leaving the scent of presence behind. The inviting entrance embraces my hand delicately. Luring me into a House where
Poeticinsecuritieshauntingunbrokendreams in placesdeep beneaththe wavesof electrolytespulsingthrougheach brandnew idea.
One Ignored  Lilies do not verbally express their want For your admiration But dear, look at her colors, do they not
I Love the way you stop everything and Orderly tell me to sit back down, listen Very closely to Everything You have to say in Order for me to Understand your world.
Who's your mama? Does she have glowing brown skin and dark brown eyes? Is her waist a little thin and her hips a bit wide? Do you get warmth from her hugs and see love seep through her eyes?
There seemed to be no way out. I couldn’t scream and I wouldn’t shout. I let it go in a dangerous way. Too much has happened for me to say
I'm running, but going nowhere. I need help. Help me try to get through all these nightmares that keep racing through my mind. How long will it last? Someone, anyone, help me.  
stop crying. stop crying. that's a lesson you learn from dying. it's nothing, it's okay. i'm just gradually going insane. but it's alright. I'll cross my t's and dot my i's and everything will be fine.
I'm trying… and no one is helping me. no one even realizes how close the blade is to my wrist. no one gets it. not even me.
Another way I dissapoint my father. Shocker. But I can't help it, no matter what anybody thinks. It's not my fault my father decided not to use a condom. It's not my fault
My eyes open to the dimly lit interior of my parents' Ford Windstar. I see my parents in the front seats. They rest before the Sun brings the dawn of the new day and awakens my weary protectors. My parents.
If you look at me now, I'm a girl at a desk. I seem normal, following directions like the rest. You'd never seen the pain in my mind. Tears that I successfully hide.
the rain is pouring an old man sits on a bench in an open field and looks up at the sky he reaches for the shovel he begins to dig
Why do we live only to die? Why can’t we find the square root to pi? Why do we have to ask teachers for permission to pee? Why isn’t freedom free? Where do black holes lead? Why do people live to greed?
If you could walk a mile in their shoes would you want to Take one step then take a few Look at the people who surround you Would you even understand you Are there things you'd like to undo
Wile E. on the hunt to capture Roadey Devising devious schemes To get you here with me Backfiring
I know you are hurt I know you are furious I did what I had to And it may seem cruel I'm sorry for loving you I'm sorry for caring I didn't want this to happen but it was something worth sharing
She's damaged love Waiting for someone to understand Brokenhearted And broken minded She won't think of complexity Because that brings up her anxiety She pretends she perfect
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