See Me


Howard Plaza Towers West
Washington, DC
United States
38° 54' 25.8912" N, 77° 2' 12.7356" W

I am beautiful?

See I am in between, medium, in the middle.

I am not light I am not dark, they call me brown skin.

with the right filter I am light, and with no light you are blind.

forget the skin, cause on some days its not even clear

my eyes are the windows of my soul

my eyes always give me away, 

why you give me those looks, they say

my eyes seem to represent the expression on my face

lips are uneven, small top, big bottom

no tits, and big hips, Im thick

can you see me. cant filter this

hour glass frame

it speaks for me, although I beg for it not to

i hit the treadmill but I have commitment issues. 

i got the body of the ocean

it dances without permission

I give it to you uncut, make sure you listening

since I can barely control what you see

I take over what you hear

I cant be a problem if your brain is untrained

my word is my word

that means its everything

next to my word is my gaze 

i can make you feel like the king of kings

or the slaves of all slaves.

if you dont hear me

have it your way,

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