Simply complex

Mind over matter,

to the mind of matter 

to those minds that are complexed,


layer upon layers.


My deception 

My perception,

my out look on life.

the genius is confused.

the misunderstanding of how I operate 




Focus. Think clear.

I can't it's blurred.

Think straight

I can't, its too backwards.

Stop dreaming

I can't this is my reality 

I'm dreaming, 




I've alliterated,

I've obliterated any connection,

any affection,

any reflection I may have.

The mind is

My mind is not


error message

message not sent, message not recieved 


no connection 

a disconnection 

what connection does she have with us?


Your brightness is bright lights

my brightness is dark,


laughed at

full of nonsense 

in a sense you won't understand this make up of me

but i have no make up on me

just natural 

Naturally, I can't be duplicated,


you participated with those who judged me.

but i'm my own clown

a drowning clown

drowning in laughter and unanswered questions 

obssesion of trying to figure me  out.

The complexity of it all is amazingly amazing and awkwardly awkward 

again I alliterate 


please operate 

we want to understand you.

you won't understand me.

So let me explain 

I've from the past 

and i'm a little tense 

but I'll speak past tense 

I'm the nintendo 64 to your Xbox 360 

I'm the fresh prince of Be;-air to your I-Carly 

Simply, I'm simple 

Your technoogy is too much 

it's complexity to my simplicity 

so you'll never understand why my math only has numbers being added and subtracted 

while today your math has numbers , letters, triangles, lines, twists, turns, ups, downs,

circles with dots in the middle

find this,

the radius 

No reason 


simple is as simple does 

Simply being simple is simply all I can be 

you can have your complexity. 




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