A Broken Promise


United States
29° 55' 4.5048" N, 95° 29' 17.7648" W

I know you are hurt
I know you are furious
I did what I had to
And it may seem cruel

I'm sorry for loving you
I'm sorry for caring
I didn't want this to happen
but it was something worth sharing

I know you might hate me
but there was nothing else
that I could do to stop thee

This affects me too you know
My heart feels sorrow
Just to think what will happen
And to see everything flatten

I understand you've gone through pain
I've gone through it too
but reactions shouldn't always be insane
for at the end it doesn't really help you

Yes, I know it's hard
To see all the people move on
Rejection can leave you scarred
but if you react correctly, victory is won

I know it may seem hypocritical of me
to be telling you this
but if you know me well enough you will see
that my heart is truly sending you a kiss

I hope one day you can forgive me
and understand the reasons
so that you can see
That life has different seasons

God is with you yes
Don't forget about Him
He can help you through this mess
And get you out the dim

Alfredo, i hate you not my friend
My best wishes I'm here to send
I pray that everything comes out right
and that reason hits you with full might

You might not believe me
but I'm here
for when you need me
let me just make that clear

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